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Parklane Grigio Matt Full Bodied Tile 300×600 / 600X600 (Code:02358)


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$19.00 /m2

We are always with you to give all sorts of management required to decorate your home with our cheapest and attractive designs of tiles. Cheapestiles offer all varieties of tile sale in Sydney.
Whatever you are looking for, our competitive range of tiles on sale will fulfil it for you. Of course, we are also here to solve your queries regarding any products that we provide to you.

The proper way of selecting the best tiles

When choosing your tiles, it can be easy to be carried away in their colours and attractive designs, but there are more factors that you need to consider in selecting tiles. Like where you are planning to install them, whether they are water absorbent or repellent, and how hard wearing they are.


At Cheapestiles you don’t have to worry about a mismatch in function while you are choosing your designs. We assist you in choosing your cheap tiles Sydney with suggestions based on the room that you want the tiles for, we also make it easier than ever for you to ask our experts regarding the properties of the tiles. You can trust us to always provide you with the knowledge to figure out which are best for your home.

Availability of various products in Sydney

You can check out various types of tiles that are present on our website. We always update our website with new products, so you can find numerous collections of tiles with the prices at a discount rate. Cheapestiles is always there to modify your ordinary room into an extremely beautiful room beyond your imagination.

The products which are provided by Cheapestiles in Sydney are-

Placement of appropriate tiles in the appropriate area-

Most of the people cannot distinguish the correct tiles for any particular place such as- bathroom, kitchen etc. Cheapestiles have several experts who are always there to help you get rid of these difficulties, they will suggest the perfect tiles for the specific areas in your house, such as-

Bathroom tiles-

At our home, bathrooms offer a cool moment of relief. You often feel cool after a shower or bath, which helps you feel refreshed for the day or drift off to sleep. So often when we use tiles in our bathrooms, we look to give them a soothingly eye-catching look. Bathrooms use particular tiles for the wall and floor, so you should keep this in mind and choose the appropriate tile for your wall or floor. Our experts are always here to recommend the proper tile for your floor and walls. They care for your safety and will help provide you with the right one. Non-slip floor tiles particularly are important to install in a bathroom, lest you fall or hurt yourself. They are also easy to clean and maintain. As a result, our provided bathroom tiles will give a shining look to your bathroom that makes it more hygienic.

Kitchen tiles-

Kitchens are one of the most important areas of our home. Our professionals will provide different ideas to maintain a magnificent look in your kitchen. Cheapestiles professionals have numerous ideas to help you and bse your designs around as you browse through our collection of the best quality tiles for your kitchen.

Outdoor tiles-

Whenever you are planning to make your outdoor areas more stylish, don’t hesitate to visit us. Our outdoor tile experts in Sydney will recommend you the most beautiful tile designs in porcelain or travertine. These tiles will help you achieve meticulously manicured gardens and beautiful outdoor patios.

Timber tiles-

Cheapestiles produces the greatest quality-based timber tiles in Sydney. We are always ready to serve you the pre-eminent timber tiles at a discounted rate which satisfy your needs. We will provide you with the most stylish and sophisticated timber tiles with modern or old fashioned finishes based on your choice of décor.

Specifications of Cheapestiles Sydney:

We always provide you with tiles at a cheap rate and we have a large number of collections in Sydney to choose from.

We always put a discount percentage on every product, which you will not find with other suppliers.

We are always time-specific, whenever the order is placed, we try to put out the required product on time.

We assure you of the quality of every product we provide.


Cheapestiles is the best tile store to find a collection of cheap and fashionable tiles. We are great problem solvers and will give you the best solution to every problem regarding tiles.