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Cheapestiles is one of the best and largest outlets of wooden look tiles in Sydney. Our tiling products are available at a fraction of the prices anywhere else you would pay. We offer a wide range of styles and end-of-line products for timber tiles and provide you with the latest and best wood-style tiles – all at cheap outlet prices. Read more…

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We offer a wide range of wood-looking Italian and Spanish tiles, as well as all the latest styles in internal and external finishing. Get our excellent slabs laid for a smooth and elegant look that will last decades — and at a great price. Here’s why you should consider our tiles that look like wood for your home:

  • We stock the best and latest timber look tiles for floor, bathroom and outdoor spaces from the largest brand manufacturers — they look and feel just like real wood!
  • Our wood tile collection is just as varied as the world’s natural woods. We’ll meet all your needs and offer the best ones for your personal style.
  • Modern, traditional, retro, classic, Hampton-style… we have it all!
  • We also have porcelain, blackbutt timber look, ceramic tiles for all your needs

You can use wood look tiles to create functional and feature walls for your floors.

  • Use our tilings to create a sense of textured luxury in the bathrooms, living rooms and outside walls.
  • Wood tiles can be laid in traditional designs, just like real wood. Or, if you’re after something a little different, you can try bold patterns like herringbone, double herringbone, brick-bond, or lay them diagonally, alternatively, etc… there’s no limit except your imagination.
  • With timber tiles, you can easily make your own style statement.

Why Choose Timber Look Tiles?

Let's face the facts - Australians love contemporary-looking homes with wooden floors as they add a touch of chic elegance and simplicity to almost every interior aesthetic. However, wooden floors are not always appropriate for every Australian home (particularly if you live in warm or humid areas!). Enter: timber look tiles - the perfect alternative for every flooring material. Cheapestiles are pleased to offer an authentic substitute with timber look, porcelain timber, and wood look tile options for every budget.

  • Various designs

Cheapestiles in Sydney is the hub for designer wood look cheap timber tiles. Fulfill your dream to have a grey timber look floor with our collection for an astoundingly imitating look.

  • Authentic design

The colours and textures of timber floor tile are inspired by nature and reflect the colours and shades of natural oak, pine, and walnut. The feel and look of an authentic timber floor are retained with our timber tile.

  • Look around and compare

We guarantee the quality and cheap price of wood floor tile, that is only available at cheapestiles in Sydney. Our designs and collection are stylish and matchless for your indoor or outdoor spaces in Sydney.

  • Slip resistance

Your safety is our priority. Our wooden look floor tiles are engineered to have various degrees of slip resistance depending on the area that you need tiles for. We supply the tiles for indoors and outdoors, including the swimming pool. The outdoor tiles are created using porcelain that is quick-drying and slip-proof.

  • Environment Friendly

Cheapestiles use only natural clays that are then fired in natural gas ovens to manufacture timber floor tiles. We believe in sustainable development for a better world.

  • Match with Any Interior

An extensive range of colours and designs makes it easy for our customers to match timber look tiles in any interior. No matter if your home boasts a style that is contemporary, traditional, retro vintage, or global fusion, rest assured that our designer collection offers you a perfect solution.

  • Next level technology

Our adoption of the latest technology allows quality production of our (frankly exquisite) wood look slabs, in less time and with lower production costs! This use of next-level technology and ability to be agile gives us an edge in the tile market.

  • Strong and sturdy

Our timber look porcelain floor tiles are baked in a kiln, making it super strong and sturdy. This ensures the enduring life of your floorings. These are suitable for both commercial and residential purposes.

Timber Tiles are available for:

Intricate designs with stunning looks make our grey timber look tile the first choice for flooring. The resemblance with real timber and the practicality of tile makes it even better than timber.

How are Timber Tiles better?

  • Pet friendly – There are no chances of scratch marks by your dear pets as timber tiles are strong and scratch-free. The easy maintenance makes it user friendly. Just mop it and it’s all clean.
  • No pit marks – These are suitable for hard-wearing and are high heel friendly. Now you need not worry about pit marks and dents throughout the rooms with our timber tiles.
  • Pest resistance – Pests can hamper the life of the timber floor but ceramic and porcelain ones are termite and woodworm proof.
  • Waterproof – The timber flooring absorbs moisture and can develop black spots and odours from moisture, while timber tiles are waterproof and easy to maintain. Perfect for bathroom or shower spaces.
  •  Inexpensive – As compared to timber flooring, timber tiles are easy on your pocket and even the cost of layering is lower.
  •  Low maintenance – Just a simple general floor cleaner will make it clean and no special treatment is needed for your new timber floor.

Feel overwhelmed with our timber look porcelain tiles options at the best prices in Sydney? Fret not - we help you make the right choice with our experienced sales team. We provide a high volume and low margin model. Contact us to know more about grey timber look tiles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Timber tiles look like wooden tiles. Their design and texture are like wooden floors. However, they are less expensive than wooden floorboards or floating floors. Timber tiles are affordable and give a character to your house. They match perfectly with all kinds of interiors. We have the widest range of timber tiles in Sydney.

No, timber look tile is affordable as compared to wood flooring options. They are easy to install and maintain as well.

  1. They are more resistant
  2. Does not wear off easily
  3. Reasonably priced
  4. Designer looks
  5. Stylish
  6. Increases the value of your property

Yes, we grout timber tiles to achieve the desired wooden look. Without the grout, these are unable to adjust to minuscule movements in the subfloor and you'll end up with breakage, lippage, and an uneven surface, therefore, it is essential to grout timber tiles.

Timber look tiles are just that – tiles that look like real timber. They are generally made from porcelain, with a finish that looks like the real thing – (real wood!). These tiles are carefully designed and made to mimic the natural grain of wood. The design is added to the tile before a layer of glaze for protection.

The best bit about wood look tiles for flooring is that you get all of the aesthetic benefits of timber floor boards, with the added benefit of the durability and ease of maintenance of tiles! Maintaining tiles that look like timber is as simple as:

  • Sweeping up or vacuuming any dirt and dust
  • Mopping the surface with a gentle cleaner and a soft, damp cloth or mop
  • Avoiding harsh and abrasive cleaning products to prevent scratching
  • Avoid dragging heavy furniture or appliances across the tiles

You bet! Timber look tiles are actually ideal for exterior and wet areas because they are more resistant to water and moisture than real timber. Lucky you – your tiles won’t warp, rot, or become mouldy like wood often can – so they are perfect for humid areas and outside spaces!

Yes – the best benefit of our timber look tiles is that they look just like the real thing. Not only that, but they are more durable and will last longer than traditional timber flooring. Especially for areas prone to heavy foot traffic or lots of moisture (think kitchen, bathroom areas), these tiles are going to withstand these elements for longer. Timber look tiles will also be:

Scratch resistant: These are less prone to scratching, denting, or chipping than real wood, which can usually be damaged by sharp objects or heavy furniture.

Moisture resistant: unlike real timber, tiles won’t warp, rot, or become mouldy when exposed to damp conditions.

Low maintenance: These are (undoubtedly!) the easy of the two when it comes to maintenance. Wood flooring will require regular waxing, polishing, or refinishing, where tiles just need to be kept clean to retain their appearance.

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