Concrete Look Tiles

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Classic Concrete Look Tiles

We offer a wide range of concrete look tiles in Sydney and nearby suburbs. Our low maintenance tiles will save you time and effort and will retain the raw beauty of concrete for years to come. We collaborate with major Italian and Spanish brand suppliers.

We bring you the latest concrete-looking styles of tiles. These include designs such as tiles in shape, polished tiles and other state-of-the-art products. We provide all our products at affordable rates. We stock a vast selection of other high-quality porcelain tiles.

Our concrete look tiles include wood, stone, linen and finished concrete. By using the latest technology, we have perfected our concrete look, including polished concrete tiles. We make concrete finishes that are difficult to differentiate from real concrete.

Our concrete look tiles include many versions that emulate the aggregate, shape and feels of polished concrete tiles. They are available in different colours like grey, beige, cream and black. These tiles create an incredible contemporary surface for your floors.

Concrete tiles do not require special treatment, unlike a real concrete surface. They do not have to be screwed, broken or polished. In all weather conditions, porcelain tiles are also more scratch-proof and flawless.

Use our concrete tiles with different finishes like matting, lappato, finishing and polishing. Use these tiles at your walls, entrances, escalators, porches, bathrooms or on the floors.