Herringbone tiles have a unique and eye-catching pattern that adds quality to any room in your house. Unlike traditional tiles, herringbone tiles have a special V-shaped pattern, which — like their name suggest — represent the scales of a herringbone fish. This distinct look adds a unique texture and visual interest to walls and floors — making it perfect if you want to create a feature wall or add character to an otherwise bland room. Read more…

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Choose Colour & Size

When it comes to choosing the right herringbone tiles for your space, one of the most essential considerations is size and colour. Darker herringbone tiles create a more dramatic effect, which is especially bold in a small room. Larger rooms are more suited to lighter shades — larger herringbone tiles can open the room up and make it feel airier.

Herringbone Tiles, Where Modern Meets Traditional

Herringbone tiles can be combined seamlessly with other types of tiles, creating unique, one-of-a-kind looks. Pairing herringbone tiles with classic subway tiles creates a fascinating contrast between two vastly different styles — a sure talking point for your guests. The distinctiveness of contrasting tiles means you can use different textures and patterns in the same space without it becoming too busy and overwhelming.

Think Herringbone, Think Cheapestiles

No matter your style and preferences, herringbone tiles are a great way to add texture and personality to your floors and walls. Thanks to their unique patterning, herringbone tiles can create feature walls or simply add a little character to your room. If you’re considering herringbone tiles for your project, have a chat to our team of tile experts at Cheapestiles to determine which size, shape, and colour you need.

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