Ceramic tiles are a smart choice for just about any room in your house. Not only are they available in a wide range of colours, sizes, and textures through our Sydney warehouse, but they are also durable and easy to maintain. Read more…

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Ceramic tiles are typically made from clay which is fired at high temperatures. The glaze on the tiles also helps to protect them from moisture and staining. As a result, Ceramic tiles are a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry walls.

Ceramic Tiles – More Than White Tiles

When you think ceramic tiles, you probably think bland, plain tiles. But today, ceramic tiles have grown to be so much more than plain tiles. Today, ceramic tiles are available in a wide variety of colours, textures, and sizes which mean that you can create a look that is completely unique and matches your desired aesthetic. Ceramic tiles are also an extremely cost-effective option which makes them an economical choice for your next home improvement project!

Minimum Maintenance – Maximum Style

Ceramic tiles are easy to install and require minimal maintenance from the homeowner. To keep your ceramic tiles looking their best, you’ll just need to wipe them from time to time - no special cleaning agents or professional cleaning required! Whether you’re looking to refresh an existing room or create a new design with ceramic tile, our range has got something to suit everyone!

Ceramic Tiles – FAQs

Wall is the most common use for these tiles. Ceramic tiles are elegant and timeless. They are perfect for kitchen walls and bathrooms walls. Ceramic tiles in Sydney are widely used and very popular in all sorts of homes.

No ceramic tiles are the most affordable tiles. They are stylish, trendy and are most commonly used wall tiles. A ceramic tile is popular for its endurance, easy maintenance and health benefits. Ceramic tiles are stylish and chic too.

Ceramic tiles are most commonly used for tiling walls. They are not highly porous and therefore they can act as a weather shield and increase the strength of your walls. These tiles are very easy to clean and are available in several designs and patterns. Ceramic tiles are ideal wall tiles.

There is no thumb rule as concerned to wall tiles. Floor tiles can also be used for wall tiles. Depending upon the characteristics of the tiles and as long as the particular floor tiles are not too heavy.

They are classy, durable, stylish, fits well, less porous, easy to maintain and moisture resistant as well. They are a good choice for people who suffer from dust-related allergies. Dust does not accumulate in ceramic tiles.

The price of ceramic tiles ranges between $20 to $ 50. This price may vary depending upon the size, shape, pattern, colour and style of the tiles. We offer ceramic tiles in Sydney at the most competitive rates.

The question you should be asking ‘where can’t I use ceramic tiles?’ as it would be easier to list off the areas that you can’t lay ceramic – the material is that versatile. From the bathroom walls, to the kitchen splashback, loungeroom floors, and outdoor areas – ceramic tiles can be laid and used almost anywhere in the house or within a commercial building. The density of ceramic means that ceramic tiles now come in an insanely large amount of colours, designs, patterns, and styles – so you’ll always be able to find a ceramic style to suit your space.

No – ceramic tiles are very durable and hard-wearing. In some cases, if a hard or sharp object is dropped on ceramic tiles, it may crack. However, ceramic is more vulnerable to cracking or damage if they are installed correctly. So, if you’re thinking about laying ceramic tiles, be sure to choose a tiler that you can trust to install them with accuracy.

Yes. Ceramic tiles are ideal for the shower and wet areas. Durable, waterproof, and slip resistant, ceramic is one of the most common tile options used in bathrooms across Australia.

Ceramic is made from fired clay, making it an incredibly hard and durable surface that is resistant to scratches and other surface imprints. This is why ceramic tiles end up lasting decades!