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Our services and products are covering from Bathroom to Timber tiles, which including: Bathroom Tiles Sydney, Floor Tiles Sydney, Kitchen Tiles Sydney, Marble-Look Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Wall Tiles Sydney and Timber Tiles Sydney.

So, are you looking to buy tiles for your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor areas? Then, fortunately, you have come to the best tiles store in Sydney – Cheapestiles!

Cheapestiles.com.au is the largest website online offering you a wide selection of tiles at the Cheapest price. We can guarantee here at cheapestiles.com.au we are competitive in prices.  Cheapestiles.com.au imports tiles from all over the world including Spain and Italy. No matter what you are looking for we have it at the cheapest price for sale. Because of our services and product quality, we are often regarded as one of the best places to buy tiles across Sydney.

Unmatched bathroom and kitchen tiles in Australia

Cheapestiles is one of the best tile shops in Sydney. We are known for our superior quality floor tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, exterior tiles and much more. We at Cheapestiles understand the importance of tiles and the role it plays in enhancing the overall appearance of the house. Therefore, we strive to fetch some of the best exquisite looking tiles in Sydney. We aim to provide tiles that are exceptional quality as well as easy to maintain. 

 We have the largest tile showroom in Sydney displaying an array of tiles in different colours, patterns as well as texture. We take every effort to provide a pleasing and favourable experience to our patrons while they visit our tiles outlet in Sydney. Our motive is to help them choose the right tiles for their floor, bathroom or kitchen, that not only enhance the beauty of their premises but also protect it with durability. And as one of the largest tile stores in Sydney, patrons can always find the perfect tiles to buy for their kitchen, bathroom, and outdoors at Cheapestiles!

Here are some types of tiles offered by us at our exclusives tile shops in Australia:

  1. Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain tiles are known for their optimum finesse and great looks. Porcelain tiles give a classic touch to your house. Cheapestiles has some of the best varieties of porcelain tiles that are sure to enchant you with their beauty. Our porcelain tiles in Sydney are available in several popular finishes and colours to choose from, such as marble look. So if you are thinking, ‘where can I find some great tiles near me?’ And you are specifically are a big fan of marble look porcelain tiles in Sydney, Carrara look tiles or stone look porcelain tiles, then you must visit us and check out our wide stylish collection of porcelain tiles.
  2. Terrazzo tiles: Terrazzo Tiles are one of the finest varieties of tiles. It adds more character and opulence to any premises. Moreover, terrazzo tiles are very easy to maintain and install too. Once installed properly you will not have to worry about its polishing and maintenance. All you need to do to keep them looking beautiful is regularly clean them with the help of damp cloth or a mop, and a mild detergent. Cheapestiles brings you superior quality cheap terrazzo tiles in Sydney. Our range of terrazzo tiles consists of various types of terrazzo floor tiles in terms of design, pattern, size and shape.

Give your house an extraordinary look with some of the best terrazzo tiles in Sydney, only from Cheapestiles!

  1. Marble Floor Tiles: Cheapestiles has the best types of marble floor tiles in Sydney. Our marble floor tiles are available in several textures and colour options.

Marble floor tiles give your house a regal look. They are maintenance-free and help one maintain a steady temperature at home. Apart from this, marble floor tiles give your house a bright and spacious feel. You can install our marble tiles in any part of your premise. However, for your kitchen you should consider opting for marble tile splashback to give your kitchen a spectacular finish. A marble tile splashback adds a refined style and comfort to a kitchen. They are ideal for any contemporary-looking modular kitchen as well as conventionally designed kitchens.

  1. Bathroom tiles: Cheapestiles also have a wide range of bathroom tiles that are power packed with extraordinary features such as stain resistance, moisture resistance and much more. Our bathroom tiles are sure to add more charm and comfort to your brief private getaways.

With these many options available to you, we are indeed one of the leading tile suppliers in Sydney. Whether you want to buy white tiles for your bathroom wall or you need floor tiles for your outdoor setting, Cheapestiles has the lot.

What makes us different?

We are one of the leading tiles retailers in Sydney. We have the large tile warehouse. We stock varieties of wall and floor tiles. Our wall and floor tile outlet in Sydney is sure to mesmerise you with its large variety of fashionable quality tiles and great customer service. So, if you’re ever wondering, ‘where can I find a tile shop near me?’ then, make sure to visit our tile factory warehouse for the most exquisite tiles in town.

We are the best Australian online-based tile business in Sydney, Australia. Delivering Australia WIDE.

Tired of searching around to buy tiles near you? You don’t have to waste your precious time when you can order online from one of the leading tile suppliers in Sydney. No matter how big or small your order is you will be guaranteed the cheapest price here at www.cheapestiles.com.au

Shop Online Now cheapestiles.com.au we will not be beaten. We are the renowned retailers of the finest tiles from the world. Visit our shop or warehouse to see our tile displays. Our experts would be happy to welcome you to our showroom.

Our customer service team is one reason why Cheapestiles is considered one of the best places to buy tiles in Sydney. You can ask them any questions you have about the payment, delivery, quality of the tiles and any other details. And they will answer all your queries. Therefore, you don’t have to contact any other tile supplier in Sydney with Cheapestiles!

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Get Best Kitchen tiles from Showroom in Sydney - Marble Look Porcelain Tiles for Bathroom

We are one of the best tile shops in Sydney. We offer a variety of tiles such as porcelain tiles in Sydney, marble look porcelain tiles, wall tiles, timber tiles and much more. We have a tile showroom in Sydney. Visit us now to view our entire range of exquisite tiles.

Generally, porcelain tiles are the best and most durable. They are a good choice for floor tiles. Porcelain tiles are very easy to clean and do not require much maintenance either. They are cost-effective compared to other tiles. We have the largest variety of porcelain tiles in Sydney. Our tile warehouse stores more than 25 types of porcelain tiles. We are one of the leading tile wholesalers in Sydney.

You can calculate the number of times required by measuring the length of one side of your room and width of the other side of the room as well. Multiply the measurements to arrive at the coverage. Based on the coverage of your room you will be able to calculate the number of tiles required to cover the room.

Yes, you can see tile samples by visiting our tile showroom in Sydney. We also hold an annual tile sale in Sydney. Visit our showroom to view our latest collection of tiles and place your order for the desired tiles now. We are one of the finest tile shops in Sydney.

The standard gap between tiles is given below:

  1. For Wall tiles, it is around 2-3mm
  2. For Floor tiles, it is around 3-5mm

The gap between tiles depends upon the grout lines and specifications of each tile.

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