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Our expert team is here to help you choose the best tiles in Sydney.

Choosing tiles could be an enjoyable and seamless experience. Our expert team is available six days a week to help you choose the best tiles in Sydney.

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Need some Inspiration?

kitkat white matt in bathroom for Bathroom Tiles Holiday Sale page

Kit Kat White Matt Mosaic Tile 22x145 (Code:02087)

$5 /sheet

Glazed porcelain mosaic tile

Straight bone pattern

11 sheets are required for 1m2

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Luxe Daylight White Matt 100x100

Handmade White Matt Tile 100x100 (Code:02690)

$45 /m2

Hampton style Handmade look subway tile

Perfect for bathroom, kitchen and laundry walls

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Moroccan Zellige Gesso Gloss 100x100 (7) - Lavida Light Grey Matt

Modern Concrete Grey Matt Tile 300x300 / 300x600 / 600x600 (Code:02074)

Original price was: $39.Current price is: $32. /m2

Concrete look porcelain tile

Suitable for indoor wall and floor

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White Matt Wall Tile 300x600 (Code:00191)

$19 /m2

Ceramic white wall tiles are available in Gloss and Matt finish

Rectified edge is allowing minimum grout gap

Suitable for all wall applications



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cairns reef pearl matt 600x600

Cairns Pearl Matt Tile 300x300 / 300×600 (Code:02158)

Original price was: $39.Current price is: $32. /m2

Suitable for bathroom wall & floor, Kitchen and laundry floor

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Cheapestiles: Your Premier Destination For Quality, Affordable Tiles in Sydney

Welcome to Cheapestiles, Sydney's top-notch online tile suppliers. We specialise in offering an extensive selection of high-quality cheap tiles online. Whether you're renovating your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or outdoor space, we have the perfect tiles to suit your style and budget. Explore our diverse range of options, including porcelain, terracotta, hexagonal, and more, and discover how easy it is to transform your home with our exceptional products and customer service. We are tile wholesalers so you can be assured of discount tiles at our tile outlet in Sydney.

echo timber natural matt 200x1200-1

Echo Natural Matt Timber Look Tile 200x1200 (Code:02878)

$35 /m2

Timber look porcelain tile.

Ideal for indoor wall & floor.

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Fraser Bianco

Ella Bianco Matt Tile 600x1200 (Code : 02143)

$45 /m2

Suitable for indoor wall and floor

More colours, sizes and finishes available >> Explore Ella collection


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modern concrete lavida grey

Modern Concrete Light Grey Matt Tile 600x1200 (Code:02314)

Original price was: $55.Current price is: $39. /m2

Concrete look porcelain tile

Indoor floor and wall tile


Required Area in sqm (round up to full box)

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Romantic Carrara 600x1200 3d line luxury tiles (10)

Florence Carrara Polished Marble Look Tile 600x600/600x1200(code: 02870)

$32$42 /m2

Marble-look porcelain tile

Suitable for indoor areas

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maestro moon matt enzic moon enzo moon - white matt wall subway 75x300 (13)

Anz Moon Matt Tile 300x600 / 600x600 (Code:02283)

$35 /m2

Stone look porcelain tile

Rectified edge allowing minimum grout gap

Special technology of In&Out Matt finish is suitable for indoor and outdoor balcony, porch and alfresco.


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White Matt Wall Tile 75x300 (Code:01873)

$32 /m2

Suitable for unique design walls.

Invest in your home's long-lasting beauty with our high-quality wall tiles collection.

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Classica Bianco Matt 600x1200-1

Classic Bianco Matt Travertine Look Tile 750x1500(code: 02868)

$60 /m2

Travertine look porcelain tile

Suitable living room, kitchen floor, bathroom wall & Floor


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Why Choose Cheapestiles?

  • Extensive Selection: Whether you're looking for wall or floor tiles online in Sydney we have an impressive assortment to choose from. Our catalogue includes everything from classic ceramic to luxurious porcelain and modern designer tiles.
  • Competitive Prices: We offer the best prices in the market, making us the go-to destination for discount tiles in Sydney. Our regular bathroom tile sales and promotions ensure you get the best deals.
  • Convenient Shopping Experience: At Cheapestiles, we prioritise making your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our user-friendly online showroom allows you to browse our extensive collection of tiles from the comfort of your home. With detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, and easy navigation, you can find the perfect tiles online to suit your needs effortlessly. 

Discover Top-Quality Tiles At Unbeatable Prices

At Cheapestiles, we pride ourselves on being one of the best tile shops near you. Our wide variety of tiles for sale guarantees that you’ll find what you need at prices you'll love. From sleek porcelain tiles in Sydney to vibrant designer tiles, we cater to every style and preference. Our collection is sourced from the best tile suppliers in Sydney, ensuring that you receive top-notch quality every time.

Cheapest Tiles My cotton tiles
Carina Salt Matt Tile 300x600 / 600x600 (Code:02608)

Carina Salt Paver 600x600 20mm (Code:02710)

$65 /m2

Non slip porcelain tile.

Suitable for outdoor area.

* This item will be applied a different shipping rate.

Please contact to info@cheapestiles.com.au for the details.


Required Area in sqm (round up to full box)

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ella grigio pool tile pool coping paver

Spanish Pool Tile Pearl White (Code:02501)

$69 /m2


Spanish high quality swimming pool tile

Resistant to weather changing conditions, chemical treatments

Unalterable to UV rays

Chip size: 25mm x 25mm

Sheet size: 467mm x 311mm


Required quantity in sqm

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Ella Grigio Matt Tile 600x600 (Code:02506)

$35 /m2

Suitable for indoor wall and floor

More colours, sizes and finishes available >> Explore Ella collection

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Cross Cut- Warm& bullnose2

New Travertine Cross-cut Warm Matt Tile 300x600/600x600/600x1200 (code: 02714)

$35$45 /m2

Travertine look porcelain tile

Suitable living room, kitchen floor, bathroom wall & Floor

Available in Bianco, Grigio and Warm colors

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ella bianco alfresco tile outdoor

New Travertine Cross-cut Bianco Matt Tile 300x600/600x600/600x1200 (code: 02712)

$35$45 /m2

Travertine look porcelain tile

Suitable living room, kitchen floor, bathroom wall & Floor

Available in Bianco, Grigio and Warm colors

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Cheapest Tiles Anz Sand Matt Tiles

Tile Collections for Every Space in Your Home

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary with our diverse range of bathroom tiles, available in various styles, colours, and finishes to match your vision. Whether you prefer timeless classics or modern designs, our tile warehouse in Sydney has the best options for your bathroom renovation. Revamp your kitchen with our stylish and durable kitchen tiles, perfect for backsplashes, floors, and walls. Explore our variety of textures and patterns to add that perfect touch to your kitchen space. 

Find the best floor tiles in Sydney, from elegant porcelain to sturdy ceramic tiles, suitable for any room in your home. Our floor tiles combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring your floors are both beautiful and long-lasting. For a touch of luxury, our designer tiles in Sydney offer unique patterns and sophisticated styles that make a bold and elegant statement in any space.

Shop for Quality Tiles Now!

Ready to elevate your home with stunning ceramic or porcelain slabs? Don't wait any longer! Explore our extensive tile collections and find the perfect match for your bathroom, kitchen, or any other space. Shop now to enjoy unbeatable prices and exceptional quality. Transform your home today with Cheapestiles!

What you need to know about Tile samples?
  • Three tile samples are posted Australia-wide at $13.50
  • Sample tile size is 100x100mm.
  • Please refer to the entire pattern from the online product photo as the cut sample has only a small part of the big size tile.
  • Please note there may be colour, texture variation between the sample and final product due to the batch difference.

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Pick up / Delivery
  • You can either choose to pick up or get delivery to your place.

    Pick up address: 65 Canterbury Rd, Bankstown.

    Delivery: Our reliable and secure delivery service is available all across Australia. Delivery charges are usually determined by the size of the order and the postcode. Once you have placed your order, one of our sales team will contact you to arrange delivery.


Return & Cancellation
  • Change of mind: We do not accept the change of mind returns. With the absolute inevitable situations, only exchange can be accepted. Please choose slabs carefully before you order.
  • Leftover Tiles: We may provide credit for the return of unopened & undamaged boxes if the same batch of tiles that you purchased are still available. Restocking fees apply to 30% based on the original price paid.
  • Cancellation: Cancellations of an order will result in the forfeit of any deposits or prepayments made.
What kind of tiles do you offer?

At Cheapestiles, we sell a broad range of tiles in Sydney to suit almost every application. Ready to refresh a room? Looking to replace some old tiles? Well, we’ve got a range of cheap tiles to make it happen. Some of our most popular tiles include:

Bathroom Tiles: Upgrading bathroom tiles is a great way to improve the look, feel, and value of your bathroom. Our bathroom tiles in Sydney are available in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and materials – which means that there is something for everyone.

Outdoor Tiles: When it comes to outdoor tiles in Sydney, we’ve got you covered. Outdoor tiles come in a range of materials including ceramic, porcelain and various natural stones. Complete the look of your outdoor space with the best outdoor ceramic or porcelain slabs Sydney has to offer.

Wall Tiles: Sprinkle some style and personality into your home with our range of wall tiles. Cheapestiles stock a wide variety of colours, sizes, and finishes to suit every space inside or outside your home. We have no doubt that you will find the perfect fit for your space with our range of wall slabs online or instore.

Concrete Look Tiles: Our concrete look tiles are the perfect way to get the look of concrete – without all of the hassle. These tiles come in a variety of colours and styles which means that we can find the perfect match for your home.

Terrazzo Look Tiles: Installing terrazzo look slabs in your home is a great way to give your property a unique and stylish look – without the huge expense of terrazzo tiles. Terrazzo look tiles also look great in a commercial setting such as a restaurant or office.

Subway Tiles: Cheapestiles customers love subway slabs because they add a unique touch to their property, and are remarkably easy to clean. Add a classic, contemporary look to your property with subway tiles.

European Tiles: There’s an indefinable quality about European slabs that oozes sophistication and style. Perhaps it’s the sleek look, or the luxurious materials that they are made from – whatever it is, check out our range instore or online to see for yourself.

Large Format Tiles: Enjoy a clean, contemporary look and make any room feel more spacious with large format tiles. Large format tiles are bigger than conventional tiles and are bound to fill your space with class and sophistication.

Mosaic Tiles: Made up of small pieces of stone or glass, mosaic tiles are used to create a sophisticated look for any room of the house. Shop for mosaic tiles in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and materials with Cheapestiles today.

Timber Tiles: Bring elements of the outdoors into your home with our timber tiles. Made from porcelain, our range of timber tiles give you the look of wood without the expensive upkeep and maintenance associated with real wood.

We source tiles from all around the world like Italy, Spain, UAE, and Asia. 

Why Choose Cheapestiles?

Well, the hint is in the name!

If you’re looking for the Cheapestiles in Sydney, then you’re in the right place. We are a specialised tile retailer who understands the important role that ceramic or porcelain slabs play in enhancing the overall appearance of your home. 

At Cheapestiles, we have an extensive range of quality tiles at extremely-competitive prices. So you will get the cheapest tiles in Sydney, if not Australia. Furthermore, because we are a specialist tile retailer, our team of experts really know tiles which means that you will receive impartial advice and guidance to help you achieve the best end result.

Things To Consider When Choosing Tiles

When it comes to choosing the best tiles for your home or business, there are a few important things that you need to consider including:

The size of the tiles: The size can make a space feel larger, smaller, or cosier – it is amazing how much of a difference tiles size can have on a space.

The colour: Lighter colours tend to brighten the space up, while darker colours can be used to create a more dramatic look.

Texture: The texture of a tile can make a space feel more elegant or add another layer of character – it really comes down to the texture that you select.

The pattern: Busier patterns tend to make a space feel livelier and more interesting, so it’s important to choose a pattern that reflects the mood that you are looking to achieve in a space.

Tile material: The material that is used can indicate how long a slabs will last. Remember to choose tile materials that can withstand your intended usage.

Price: Finding the right tiles starts and ends with finding something that fits into your price range. Always make sure that you have a price range in mind when tiling your home.

Contact 02-9790 4273 for any help or to place an order to buy the best tiles in Sydney.

Difference Between Ceramic vs Porcelain Tiles

Kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles are less different than you think!

When it comes to choosing between ceramic vs. porcelain tiles – there is no one size fits all answer. Our job is to provide the best tiles Sydney has to offer – we do this by providing the best possible range at competitive price points. When it comes to choosing the right tiles, our team will work with you to provide advice and insights.

Kitchen and bathroom tiles have slightly different installation requirements. You can, of course, install kitchen tiles in your bathroom and bathroom tiles in your kitchen – it really boils down to your own personal taste and preferences. We recommend working with the experienced team of tiles specialists at Cheapestiles to help you find the tiles most well-suited to your home.

What Is the Most Popular Tile Pattern?

Some of the most popular patterns available at Cheapestiles include herringbone pattern and subway tile pattern. These patterns are simple to create, cost-effective, and can add a bit of extra interest to a space. Not sure which pattern to choose? Consider looking at some examples online or in magazines for some great inspiration.