Terracotta tiles are a unique, stylish choice for floors, walls, and other areas inside and outside your home. Renowned for their timeless beauty, distinct colour, and countless variations, terracotta tiles add warmth to any living space in and around your home. Read more…

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Terracotta tiles are made from clay that is fired at high temperatures to create durable wall and floor material. Whether you’re looking for floor or wall tiles, terracotta tiles are an excellent choice.

Terracotta Tiles – Nature’s Thermal Insulator

In addition to looking great, terracotta tiles also provide outstanding thermal insulation. They absorb heat during the day and release it at night to keep you home comfortable and at an even temperature. This means that terracotta tiles can help to reduce energy costs while keeping temperatures consistent throughout the year.

Terracotta tiles are also fire resistant, which means they are a great choice in areas with a high fire risk – like your kitchen. In fact, it’s why you see terracotta tiles in commercial kitchens and restaurants every time you go out to eat.

Think Timeless, Think Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are an excellent decision if you want to add your own unique touch of style and elegance to rooms in your house. They are a timeless addition to any home. Not only that, their durability and thermal properties means that they have the substance to match their style. With proper care, terracotta tiles can last for generations — making them a great investment for the value of your property.

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Terracotta tiles are, thankfully, one of the more affordable tiles out there. Combined with all their benefits, such as heat absorption, insulation, durability, and a warm aesthetic, terracotta tiles are an excellent option for your home that won’t break the bank when you have them installed.

Their high durability ensures they’ll last no matter where you put them. Consider using them for a living room, enclosed porch, kitchen, or outdoor patio.

While terracotta tiles can generally be laid anywhere, it’s not recommended to lay them in consistently moist areas, like bathrooms. If you want terracotta tiles in your bathroom, don’t lay them in the shower area. Terracotta is extremely porous and absorbs moisture quickly — so, it takes a long time to dry. For areas where spills may occur regularly, like the kitchen, you should use sealants and finishing products to make sure that your floor can dry adequately.

No, not at all! Terracotta tiles are incredibly durable — especially glazed tiles. Terracotta can withstand high heat and are entirely fire-resistant. The only drawback is that they are porous and retain moisture, so they can get damp in wet areas. Steer clear of shower areas and pool areas, though, and you should have no problems.

You can clean terracotta tiles with any broom, dustpan, or vacuum
cleaner. Use a mop to polish it with some diluted floor cleaner. For best results, use a 25% solution of stone floor cleaner in a bucket of warm water. To ensure your tiles don’t get damp, use a towel to dry them after you mop them. Remember, terracotta tiles absorb moisture, so it’s best to help them along by drying them whenever they get wet.

Affordable and very reliable, if you're considering a stone floor, you can’t go wrong with this homely, earthy-coloured material. Terracotta is also a perfect choice for those who work in the kitchen a lot — terracotta is easily cleaned and completely fire resistant, so it is ideal for the kitchen area. Finally, terracotta tiles provide excellent thermal insulation, so it’s a great material for both hot and cold weather. Having terracotta tiles throughout your home could save you a lot of money on heating and cooling throughout the year.