Terms & Condition


All sales must have cleared funds prior to collection or delivery. Payment is only received by us if the payment is made in cash or when the proceeds of other methods of payment are cleared + credited to our nominated bank account. Payment by cheque are at our absolute discretion.

To secure your order, you are required to pay a non-refundable deposit. Deposits vary from 30% for stock items and between 50-100% for custom and overseas orders.

You must pay your outstanding balance before the delivery date of goods and this funds must be cleared before the delivery.


We will not order any goods specified until deposits are paid as per our terms

Quotes are valid for 30 days unless noted otherwise. We have the right to provide you with a new quote after this time and cannot guarantee prices will stay the same. We cannot accept claims for use of old or superseded prices / pricelists.


You must collect goods from the address we specify, at the time specified by us.

Storage fees will apply of goods are not collected within 4 weeks of us notifying that your goods are available. Storage fees of $30 per pallet per week will be charged from the end of the 4 week period.

Dates given for availability are approximates only. Failure of goods not to arrive at the estimated arrival time does not entitle any claim to compensation or cancellation of order.


Delivery, insurance and associated costs are not included in the price and can be priced separately.

All deliveries will be kerbside unless other arrangements have been made with your consultant.  Goods will be left at the spot deemed the most safe and secure. Your preferred drop zone cannot always be guaranteed. Goods in no instance will be taken inside a house or apartment or commercial building.

We are not liable for any failure / delay to deliver goods to site.

We are not liable for any damage to property caused upon entering the delivery point to deliver goods.

If you organise your own freight/ carrier you do so at your own risk. We will not be liable for any breakages.

You must notify us within 24 hours of delivery or collection of any damaged or incorrectly supplied goods.

You will have deemed to accept goods, if you fail to notify us within 24 hours of damaged or incorrectly supplied goods and lay or install the goods.



Chipped or broken tiles can occur within an order or during transit. We require photos of damaged materials within 24 hours to process a claim. Certain chips or breakages may be deemed useable and in this instance a refund or swap would not be issued. We recommend to allow additional tiles for tiling wastage and breakages when ordering.



Goods must be installed as per the manufactures directions + guidelines and any Australian standards + building code.  We will not be responsible for inadequate structural support on which the product is to be installed.

It is your responsibility to check all goods prior to installation that size, batches, colour + quantities are correct, and installation constitutes acceptance of material.

Use your own discretion when selecting a tradesman. We cannot be responsible for goods installed by trades that have been recommended by us. Always use a licensed tradesman.

It is your responsibility to ensure sufficient product has been ordered prior to order. We cannot guarantee the availability of the same tile, batch, and size once purchased.



Other than reasons noted in our terms and as required by law, we do not accept returns of any goods.

Cancellations of an order will result in the forfeit of any deposits or prepayments made.

At our absolute discretion, we may provide credit for the return of undamaged stock if all the following are adhered to

– Minimum return 3 boxes (anything under this quantity will not be considered) – Returned within 30 days of delivery / collection – Original invoice number provided and explanation of return – In original packaging, in saleable condition and undamaged boxes  – Current batch and current stock in full unopened boxes – Restocking fees apply of 30% based on the original price paid – Goods are returned to our nominated facility at your expense  – We will not accept damaged goods, custom or special orders, goods that have been installed and altered or on sale or discounted or loose pieces not in original packaging.  – Clearance item is not refundable.

Approved credit is valid for 1 year and it will be deleted from our system after that.


It is your responsibility to ensure that the tile selected is suitable for the purposes that the goods will be used for and that quantities have been verified prior to installation.

Check all paperwork to ensure all details match your requirements. We consider any payment as acceptance of the exact details as listed on your order.

You agree that tiles may have one or more of these characteristics – variation in colour, texture, patterns, shade, crazing, marks, and blemishes, size variation and optical hazing.  Sample tiles and showroom displays are to be used as a guide only and may vary from actual tiles received.

Optical hazing can be evident in polished and semi polished materials. It is an occurrence that presents itself as a smoky or smudged finish on the tile. It may only be visible depending on the light source reflecting at various angles off the surface of the tile. It is not considered a fault and we will not accept any claims in relation to this.

We will not be responsible for damages caused for incorrect cleaning / sealing methods or cleaning products used on the material.

Nominal sizes are quoted on your quote and invoice (this is the approximate size). We cannot guarantee the exact size of each batch noted on your order.

Natural stones + encaustic tiles require specific care, cleaning, grouting, sealing and ongoing maintenance requirements. Check with consultant + trades prior to purchase as claims can’t be made once laid.

Consideration should be given to the finish of the material chosen in relation to pedestrian traffic. Gloss tiles and light coloured tiles will require the added protection of appropriate door mats and only soft soled shoes at entry points should be considered in residential applications to avoid excessive abrasion.

Always install heavy coverings over newly installed material to offer protection.  No claims can be made for items scratched or damaged during installation.

Most tiles can be slippery when wet. Select a tile that is appropriate for the area and consult with your certifier or specifier prior to installation of goods to ensure the correct items have been selected for the area. Once laid we cannot accept claims for incorrect selection of goods or slip results that don’t match your requirements.  If you have received slip results for particular materials, it is possible that the performance of the installed materials is less than the test results due to such factors as installation, wear and tear and cleaning method.