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Looking for the best wall tiles for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry? Cheapestiles is Australia’s leading provider of the most extensive range of wall tiles. We’ve got a variety of wall tile options for every room, budget, style and taste!

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Cairns Pearl Matt Tile 300×300 / 300×600 (Code:02158)


In stock

$32.00 /m2

Mineral Stone 3D Taupe Matt Tile 300×600 / 600×600 / 600×1200 (Code:02496)


In stock

$35.00$45.00 /m2

New Travertine Cross-cut Grigio Matt Tile 300×600/600×600/600×1200 (code: 02713)


In stock

$35.00$45.00 /m2

New Travertine Cross-cut Warm Matt Tile 300×600/600×600/600×1200 (code: 02714)


In stock

$35.00$45.00 /m2

Whatever wall tiling you choose, Cheapest Tiles is sure to offer a timeless statement that will last for years. As such, Wall tiles are ideal for spaces that frequently experience moisture, water, cooking oils or other liquids.

Easy to keep clean, low maintenance and durable, wall tiles are commonly found in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and toilet areas. However, they can be used in living, dining and outdoor spaces too!

Choose Cheapest Tiles for wall tiles if you’re looking to revamp your kitchen with a new splashback, add a touch of colour or texture to your bathroom or help blend your neutrals in the laundry area.

Not sure what type of tiles you should be choosing for your walls? Get in touch with our friendly team today, and we’ll help you choose the perfect tile for your needs. The full range of wall tiles at Cheapest Tiles can be found in-store at our Sydney showroom or shopped online. We provide fast and efficient delivery across Australia.

What Sets Our Wall Tiling Apart?

  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Our commitment to quality ensures you get nothing but the best when it comes to wall tiles. Experience the luxury of top-notch materials and impeccable craftsmanship.
  • Affordability: At Cheapest Tiles, we believe that premium quality doesn't have to come at a premium price. We offer a range of wall-tiling options that cater to every budget.
  • Versatile Designs: Whether you envision a sleek, modern look or a timeless classic, our selection of wall tiles has a design to match your vision.
  • Easy Installation: Our tiles are designed for hassle-free installation, ensuring that your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Ready to turn your walls into a masterpiece? Let Cheapest Tiles be your partner in this journey. Contact us today for more information and to explore the endless possibilities our wall tiles offer. Your dream space is just a message away.


Porcelain tiles are generally known as the more durable and longer-lasting material for tiled walls. Less subject to wear and tear than ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are often used as a wall-tiling solution across residential and commercial properties. Porcelain tiles are also the most water-resistant —almost impervious to water compared to other tiling materials.

Other materials often used for wall tiling include:

Depending on the room you’re tiling, waterproof paint and waterproof tiles are common options for waterproofing walls in wet areas. However, tiles will provide a better option in the long run as they are permanent, easier to clean, moisture repellent and will not need re-touching every few years like paint.

It will be initially more expensive to tile your walls than paint; however, long-lasting wall tiles mean that it will be a more cost-efficient solution in the long term and can add value to the property.

Many consider tiles to be a construction choice as they are extremely durable, long-lasting and provide the foundation for a wide range of spaces in a home.

However, choosing tiles is also a major design consideration — the wall tiles in your kitchen, laundry, bathroom tiles or even living room can tie the space together, create a statement piece or help to keep a room clean and minimal. As such, choosing the right tiles for your walls is vital for your home's overall design and aesthetics.

Here are some tips for choosing the right wall tiles for your space:

  • Consider whether you want the tiles to offer a statement or blend in with the space
  • Consider the materials you want to use
  • Consider a splashback
  • Browse different textures and shapes for a fun design
  • Create a Pinterest board or vision board to visualise and collect images for inspiration

High-quality wall tiles that are installed properly can last 75 years or more – they are considered a permanent fixture that should not need replacing. For many, they may decide only to replace their wall tiles if the pattern, colour, or design has aged, and they want to revamp the space. However, if tiles are not installed correctly, they may crack or chip. Give your walls a stylish makeover with our selection of Cheap Tiles that don't sacrifice quality or design.

Selecting the right tile size for your walls can significantly impact the overall aesthetics of a room. Smaller tiles, such as mosaic or subway tiles, are ideal for adding intricate details and patterns to your walls. They create a textured, visually interesting surface, often used in bathrooms and kitchens.

Larger wall tiles, on the other hand, can make a space appear more expansive and modern. They have fewer grout lines, giving a cleaner and more seamless look. Consider using larger tiles, like 300x600 mm or 600x600 mm, for contemporary living spaces and feature walls.

In most cases, you can use floor tiles on walls. Floor tiles are typically thicker and more durable to withstand foot traffic, which makes them suitable for wall use. However, keep in mind that some floor tiles may be heavier than wall tiles, so ensure your wall can support the weight.

Moreover, floor tiles often have a textured surface for slip resistance, which can be challenging to clean on walls, especially in kitchens. It's essential to consider the specific requirements of your project and choose floor tiles that align with your design and maintenance needs when using them for wall tiling.