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Buy Affordable Travertine Tiles Or Natural Stone Tiles

Natural products offer unmatched beauty and look-and-feel for your property. This is especially true in the case of natural stone tiles and travertine pavers. Sydney customers can also drop into our Bankstown Showroom.

Travertine, marble, granite, sandstone and other naturally found stone products are part of our catalogue. We offer coping style in your travertine tiles, as well as marble tiles solution. We offer natural stone tiles or natural travertine tiles for Sydney residents at the best prices.

Superior Quality Travertine Pavers In Sydney

The exteriors of your premise are important. They have a long-lasting impression and impact on your visitors. It is essential that all the elements of your exteriors such as the facade, outdoor paving tiles, pavers etc be carefully chosen to create the perfect outdoor setting. Cheapestiles have the widest range of exclusive natural stone tiles in Sydney. These swimming pool coping tiles are ideal for those looking out for anti-slippery pool edging tiles. The natural stone travertine tiles are non-slippery and have high endurance to deal with high foot traffic. They are ideal for exteriors near the swimming pool and deck area.

The travertine tiles in Sydney are highly preferred due to their exceptional durability and low maintenance. These tiles are very easy to clean and have microban antibacterial properties. The moisture resistant travertine pavers help you keep your premises dry to prevent accidents and mishaps. Cheapestiles brings you some of the best travertine tiles in Sydney. Our tiles are a perfect mélange of style, comfort and timelessness. Our team of experts handpicks some of the best varieties of outdoor paving tiles that are superior in quality and are quite stylish too. At Cheapestiles, we give utmost attention to the quality of our products. We strive to offer the latest and best quality travertine coping tiles that meet the exact requirements of our customers with ease.

Our Range Of Travertine Pool Tiles Includes:

  1. French pattern Travertine tile
  2. Travertine light tumbled tile
  3. Classic travertine tile
  4. Honed travertine tile
  5. Silver travertine tile

Apart from the above mentioned, we have several other varieties of granite pool tiles. These pool tiles are made from the best quality material and are sure to last for a long time. Once installed properly travertine coping tiles will offer you great peace of mind. These tiles are capable of handling heavy foot traffic and daily wear and tear. The scratch and stain-resistant tiles are embedded with moisture resistant and anti-slippery properties. They are anti-slip and prevent chances of slippage near the pool area.

Why Associate With Cheapestiles For Swimming Pool Coping Tiles?

  • We are one of the largest suppliers of quality travertine and natural stone tiles in Sydney. We have an experience of over twenty years in supplying tiles across Australia.
  • We are committed to supply edge a part product that adheres to all Australian Quality Standards. All the products at Cheapestiles undergo a firm quality check before dispatching them to our esteemed clients and patrons.
  • We have the largest varieties of travertine tiles. Our travertine tiles are available in several colour options. Material type, design, texture, finish options and much more.
  • Being in this industry for several years, we have an unmatched price advantage over our contemporaries. All the products at Cheapestiles are available at competitive prices.
  • Cheapestiles aims at providing its clients and patrons with some of the best varieties of products. We focus on customer satisfaction. All our efforts are directed towards providing our clients a superior shopping experience and great customer service.

We represent the outlet of some of the world’s best tile factories. In addition, we have vast experience in providing high-quality tiles at the lowest prices. We have many partnerships with tile factories worldwide, including many natural quarries and factories. We provide natural stone tiles and pavers at outlet prices. We have got the best prices for natural stone.

Imagine coming home from a tough day and going barefoot on the floor of natural stone. We provide excellent tiles in your bathroom with a warm natural stone floor. Or walking around your swimming pool without cheap concrete pavers but walking on natural travertine pavers.

Natural stone tiles in Sydney homes reflect the historical surroundings. Indeed, Sydney has a history of using natural stone from ancient times in many buildings since European settlement. For instance, the use of sandstone is characteristic of parts of the CBD architecture.

We encourage you to know more about our product range and prices. Please check our natural tiles and pavers or view our online portfolio by clicking our online natural stone.


A natural stone tile is made from mountain borne mineral substances. They are sturdy and attractive as well. Some of the popular natural stone tiles include travertine tiles, marble, slate, limestone tile, sandstone and much more. We are the most popular supplier of natural stone tile in Sydney and allied areas.

Some of the benefits of using natural stone tiles in Sydney are:

  1. They are sturdy
  2. They are stylish and chic
  3. They add charm to your house
  4. They help you to get a better price when you sell your house
  5. They are timeless
  6. They fit effortlessly
  7. They are a versatile choice for modern as well as traditional interiors.

Ceramic tiles are artificially made whereas natural stone tiles are made from natural raw materials. Concrete and ceramic tiles are cheaper than natural stone tiles. We have some of the best variety of travertine tiles in Sydney.

Natural stone can be protected by using nontoxic chemicals for floor cleaning. Just wipe your floor with mild soap to clean the floor. Do not bleach the floor. You can easily clean the natural stone tile in a jiffy without much effort. Natural stone tiles are classy and opulent.

No, travertine tiles are not expensive. They are reasonably affordable. However, the cost of travertine pavers in Sydney may vary depending upon the quality of its base stone, texture, polish and much more.

Travertine tiles do not crack easily but it is vital that you take proper care of these tiles. The travertine tile is cost-effective and attractive too. We are the finest suppliers of travertine tiles in Sydney.