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Stylish Wall and Floor Tiles For Small & Large Bathroom in Sydney

Looking for bathroom floor tiles in Australia?

Your search ends at Cheapestiles Online Showroom. We are the leading suppliers of bathroom floor tiles in Sydney. Our modern bathroom tiles are made from the finest quality materials and are sure to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. We have all types of tiles including marble look tiles for the bathroom and a decorative shower floor tile. Our team of experts strives to curate some of the best and exquisite bathroom wall and floor tiles in Australia. Whether you are looking for grey bathroom floor tiles, porcelain tiles, terrazzo tiles for bathroom or calacatta tiles for bathroom, Cheapestiles have them all. We strive to continually update our product list and bring products that are the best. Including bathroom feature wall tiles and small bathroom floor tiles.

Finest Bathroom wall and floor tiles in Australia

Tiles are one of the most important elements of any premises. It not only plays a vital role in giving the house the desired appeal, but it also has a major role in protecting surfaces. Tiles add more depth and character to a room. It is essential to choose your tiles for the bathroom floor with care, as with the other areas of the house for long-term peace of mind. A little negligence or oversight can lead to big mishaps in future.

Cheapestiles has some of the best tiles for the bathroom. Our tiles offer a great combination of style and convenience. They are sure to add more lavishness to your bathroom wall and floor at an affordable price. So, whenever you need the latest bathroom tiles at the most affordable rates, visit the Cheapestiles website.

Here Are Some Of Our Varieties Of Tiles For Bathroom Floors And Walls

  1. Calacatta Tile For Bathroom: If you are one who looks for picture-perfect recreation spaces and wants something classy and opulent the Calacatta tiles are the ideal choice for you. They are apt for bathroom walls and floors, and they are available in several colours and texture options.
    They give your bathroom a seamlessly posh appearance. They are ideal modern bathroom tile, that is sure to revamp your bathroom and give it a look that’s sure to amaze all your guests.
  2. Feature Tiles For Bathroom: These types of bathroom tiles are apt for those bathrooms that are smaller in size and have space constraints. Feature bathroom tiles often have a great characteristic, that is reflection. They can reflect light well making your space look more spacious. Therefore, they make great small bathroom floor tiles. Feature tiles are available in several material and design options. You can choose the desired one based on the overall décor and your preferences.
  3. Marble Look Tiles For The Bathroom: Marble is timeless, it never goes out of fashion. Marble gives a regal look and feel to any premises. However, the features of real marble are often required more maintenance. Not to worry though! Cheapestiles brings you marble-look tiles for your bathroom that gives you the same ambience as marble tiles but are relatively very easy to clean and maintain. Our marble look tiles are apt for anyone looking for classic bathroom tiles. Our marble look porcelain tiles come in various textures and patterns. They offer great creative scope and flexibility to renovators.
  4. Travertine Tiles For Bathroom: Travertine is one of the finest and sturdy materials. Travertine tiles are known for their robustness and sturdiness. They are one of the best contemporary bathroom tiles and can be used as decorative bathroom tiles. Our travertine and terrazzo tiles for the bathroom are sure to enchant you with all their beauty and royalty. They add a touch of luxury that elevates the aesthetical appearance of your bathroom optimally.

Cheapestiles is the largest supplier of designer bathroom tiles. It has some of the best grey bathroom tiles, black and white bathroom floor tiles, decorative bathroom floor tiles, porcelain bathroom tiles and much more.

We are one of the most admired providers for bathroom tiles in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne. Our professional team guides you step by step in the development of the most beautiful bathrooms. We provide you with the latest selections in modern bathroom floor tiles.

Our exclusive tiles include:

  • Non-slip bathroom tile
  • Travertine bathroom tile
  • Bathroom ceramic tile
  • Bathroom shower tile
  • Feature tiles for bathroom and much more

The selection of modern bathroom tiles can be tricky. We offer a wide range of tiles in different colours, textures and sizes. We also offer a wide range of mosaics and natural stones. Our bathroom feature wall tiles are ideal for a contemporary looking bathroom as well as a conventionally designed bathroom. It suits your bathroom optimally and boosts its charm. We have some of the best tiles for your bathroom floor. At Cheapestiles, we give special attention to the quality of our products and make sure all our products undergo three-level testing to meet all the required quality standards.

Our Designs Can Create A Completely New Look For Your Home

We provide you with some of the best contemporary bathroom tiles that add aesthetic beauty to your home. We supply easy to clean and maintain bathroom tiles, with improved longevity. This enhances the beauty of your bathroom. With our tiles there is no colour or texture fading, so you can keep the luxurious feeling intact in your bathroom.

Our bathroom shower tile collection, as well as our bathroom shower floor tiles, are perfect for those who prefer to install anti-slip tiles without compromising on its appearance. They are designer made and are available in several colour options and designs.

We can recommend any of the most recent collections of our modern bathroom tiles for any residential or commercial bathroom to create a spacious feeling. We tailor solutions according to your vision. We design the most stylish options for the bathroom floor and wall tiles, ensuring your home as a whole feel and looks fresh and new.

Order Tiles Online

Whether you want beige bathroom tiles, grey bathroom tiles or designer bathroom feature tiles, you can shop them all at Cheapestiles. We have the best tiles for your bathroom walls and floors in our online collection. You don’t even need to leave your house to buy these tiles; you can purchase them online. That is why so many people prefer buying from Cheapestiles!

Try Our Sample

Not sure whether to buy our modern bathroom tiles or not? Don’t worry; you can request a sample for small bathroom tiles, white marble tiles, non-slip bathroom tiles, and other tiles of your liking. You can read all the details regarding our bathroom tile samples on our website. So, hurry up and order a sample from the collection of the best tiles for small and large bathroom spaces on the Cheapestiles website.

Quick Delivery

We believe that our customers should receive their shower tiles, hexagon tiles and other decorative bathroom tiles as early as possible. That is why we quickly ship all our products Australia wide. Right after the transaction is completed, we pack your bathroom tiles carefully and ship them right away. Therefore, you can unpack the shipment and initiate your renovation plans.

The countless choices in our showroom allow you to select the best tiles to create the bathroom that you can truly adore. Our wide collection of luxury bathroom tiles is suitable for all types of bathroom.

We strive continually to update all of our product lines. Connect with us to buy bathroom tiles now!


Modern bathroom tiles will surely enhance the look of your bathroom. We have some of the best bathroom tiles in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and other cities of Australia. Our bathroom floor tiles are of superior quality and are sure to impress you. Some of the different types of Bathroom tiles available from us are:

  1. White Gloss Ripple Tile
  2. Limestone Tile
  3. Porcelain Tiles
  4. Semi Polished Tiles
  5. Cementine Tiles and much more

It is important to hire an expert tiler when laying bathroom tiles. Qualified or Skilled tiler can do this job easily. Be sure that you review any of his previous work and experience before hiring him to install your bathroom tiles, as even minor flaws in laying bathroom tiles can lead to leakage and other damage to your bathroom.