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There’s no doubt about it – subway tiles provide a very aesthetically pleasing design. Known for their traditional use in New York’s subway system, subway tiles have garnered popularity over the years and are being fitted across bathrooms and kitchens globally. Read more…

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Offering a scandi-inspired, sleek, and contemporary look, subway tiles come in a variety of colours and styles to suit different tastes. The best bit? Subway tiles are timeless and versatile – find them in the fun, playful bathroom for a pop of colour, or find them in the chic, minimal laundry for a very put together look.

You’ll find an extensive range of subway tiles at Cheapestiles, at our Bankstown showroom in Sydney, or online. With our vast experience, we are renowned for our exceptional ceramic tile service throughout Australia. We excel in the design and supply of fit-for-use ceramic tiles which offer a huge amount of benefits for building owners and occupants in Sydney and nearby suburbs.

We deal closely with our clients as well as with builders and project managers to make sure every bathroom, laundry, kitchen, or outdoor area is provided with the highest quality tiles. When you choose Cheapestiles, you’ll undoubtedly have visitors and guests complimenting your chic choice in subway style tiles!

The Beauty of Subway Tiles

Our subway tiles give a grand and commendable look to your premises. Subway bathroom tiles are a great choice to give an elegant impression. Subway tiles splashback allows you to quickly create an interesting look in any space.

Where you can use subway tiles:

  • Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles are an important aspect of any bathroom interior or renovation. Make your bathrooms look large and spacious with our white ceramic subway tiles. Wall tiles are like a canvas, helping you create a theme or backdrop to highlight your other accessories. White subway tiles can create an exquisite look for your bathroom.

  • Kitchen Tiles

The heart of the home - kitchens are often chaotic, messy, and disorganised. Subway tiles provide a sense of unity and sleek tidiness, keeping the space clean and minimal without the need for any on-bench decor. Even more appealing, subway tiles are extremely easy to clean and will last for ages. Low maintenance, durable, easy to wipe down, and adding a touch of elegance - what more could you want from a kitchen tile?

  • Herringbone tile

Fancy adding more pizzazz to the OG subway tile? Herringbone tiles are laid at a diagonal, linear angle — resulting in an eye-catching and unique design. Emphasise your subway tiles with herringbone to add fun and playfulness to any space. Try it out on your walls, as a splashback, or on the floor. Here’s a quick tip: white subway tiles and dark grout create an exceptionally beautiful and one-of-a-kind visual aesthetic.

What sets Cheapestiles apart?

We offer you a wide array of bathroom wall white tiles at discount prices at our tile outlet in Sydney. These include porcelain, natural stones, mosaics for the kitchen and travertine tiles and pavers. We sell all our products at low margin volumes at discount prices all year round.

Our experienced team offers you the perfect solution for your projects. Our team has product knowledge, technical information, colour consultation, layout, and fixing consultancy.

Expert engineering

Our tiles are designed by the experts keeping in mind the climate, use, etc. We design the tiles for commercial and industrial projects as well as residential kitchenbathroom, laundry and façade.

Sizes and shapes

No matter the size or shape of tiles you desire — we’ve got the best designs so you can achieve the distinctive aesthetic you want. It’s not just the usual range of sizes and shapes, though — we can customise the tiles you choose to suit your bespoke design goals!

Variety is our identity

Do you want plain or printed designs? Get your desired finish with our all-inclusive collection and choose the colour and texture you want. Soon enough, your house will be the talk of the town!

Heritage look

Achieve a unique, rustic look with our heritage look collection of subway and other tiles that make your place look more antique and traditional. The glossy finishes in our light coloured tiles bring a fresh modern twist to vintage fashions.

Reasonable prices

We manufacture our tiles with the best materials, tech, manufacturers, and equipment. We combine age-old techniques with a modern touch and local skill that results in a truly unique collection — at wildly affordable prices. We also offer discounts to our valued customers, making your budget flexible.

Quality assured

Quality is our number one priority — we always test everything first before we launch new designs and technology so our customers can get the tiles they want without any concerns.


As well as our already-low costs, we offer discounts — making our tiles even more wallet-friendly. Get the best quality for the best prices, with the tile experts at Cheapestiles.

Environment friendly

We use high-quality natural clay to manufacture tiles, making them strong and environmentally friendly. There’s no need to worry when buy floor or wall tiles with Cheapestiles — just enjoy!

Slip resistant tiles

We provide slip resistant tiles and accessories from leading manufacturers. These products comply with Australian standards and are superior in many ways. Contact our sales team who can meet all your commercial and industrial needs.


Yes – subway tiles are one of the most popular choices for bathroom tiles and shower tiles in Australia, and for good reason too! Subway tiles are a classic choice because they are easy to clean, durable, and they provide an elegant and timeless look that works in old and new bathrooms alike. Additionally, subway tiles come in a wide range of colours and styles which means that they can fit in with your desired aesthetic. If you’re looking to retile your bathroom or shower, then subway tiles should definitely be on your list.

Subway tiles are renowned for being easy to clean, making them ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. You can continue cooking your spaghetti marinara with passion, knowing that a few drips and spills are not cause for concern for your new white subway tiles! Glazed subway tiles are easier to clean than unglazed, however. This is because glazed tiles have an extra layer of protection – preventing wear and tear over damage. That being said, all types of subway tiles are extremely low maintenance. Simply wipe your subway tiles with a damp cloth and voila!

Yes, subway tiles are definitely popular across the country! For design-newbies to experienced interior decorators, subway tiles are favoured as they offer a classic, timeless look that works well in a variety of different spaces and aesthetics. The best bit? Subway tiles withstand trends that come and go and are easy to maintain – they’ll not only look great for years to come, but will also provide a trendy touch to your tiled area.