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Cheapestiles are the leading provider of high-quality mosaic tiles in Sydney. You can shop our range of mosaic-style tiles in our Bankstown showroom, or you can shop online and have the tiles delivered wherever you live in Australia. Read more…

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My Mosaic Dark Grey Matt Tile 48×48 (Code:01809)

Original price was: $6.00.Current price is: $2.00. /sheet

Emma Ice Smoothie Mosaic Tile (Code:02224)

Original price was: $5.00.Current price is: $2.00. /sheet

Emma Hot Smoothie Mosaic Tile (Code:02225)

Original price was: $5.00.Current price is: $2.00. /sheet

Square White Gloss 48×48 Mosaic Tile (Code:00945)

Original price was: $6.00.Current price is: $5.00. /sheet

Spirit Dark Grey Arrow Mosaic 300×355 (Code:02051)

Original price was: $95.00.Current price is: $69.00. /m2

Mosaic tiles are the perfect style of tile to make a statement in your home or commercial property. In our showroom, we also carry an extensive range of tiles made from non-traditional materials which you can use to make your home or office unique, trendy and modern.

If you're looking to shop online, we can have our tiles delivered - whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Adelaide.

Each style of mosaic tiles is made with diligent care and is strong and suitable for a wide range of applications, including splashbacks, wall-mounted or bathroom tiles. We believe that tiles can be the basis of an excellent work of art, which is why mosaic tiles are so popular. Unleash a beautiful array of colours and patterns in your next tiling project with mosaic.

Give Your Home a Stunning Aesthetic with Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are timeless - they are always in vogue; they are sure to give your house a distinct look and feel. Mosaic tiles are aesthetically pleasing and have great appeal. They often appear as tiny abstract patterns that form a cohesive and attractive picture, as a whole. Mosaic tiles add a tinge of pop and vibrance to any room - so if you're looking to spice up your space, you've made the right decision by choosing mosaic. Mosaic tiles are highly preferred for your broader details and contrasting colours.

Cheapestiles is one of the largest suppliers of mosaic tiles in Sydney. We bring you some of the finest mosaic tiles that are a class apart from the rest of the retailers in the area and in Australia.

Here Are Some Distinct Benefits of Our Mosaic Tiles:

  1. Attractive: Our range of mosaic tiles are crafted with the utmost precision. They are exquisite and give your place the desired depth. The mosaic tiles blend seamlessly with your interiors and elevate the beauty of the premises optimally. The fine detailing and subtle colours make the mosaic tile often the first choice for kitchen, bathroom and shower areas.
  2. Multipurpose: Mosaic tiles are highly versatile. They can be used in any nook and corner of your house to amplify its beauty. The mosaic tiles for the bathroom enhance the overall appeal of the bathroom. You can also opt for mosaic shower tiles to add more luxe to your bathroom space. Our range of mosaic kitchen tiles gives a contemporary and designer look to your kitchen. Adding some mosaic tile splashback in your kitchen can add more character to your kitchen and will help you break the monotony of the kitchen too. Our mosaic kitchen splashbacks are designer made and come in several designs, styles, shapes and size.
  3. Robust and Sturdy: Our mosaic tiles are made from some of the best quality material and are available in several options such as porcelain mosaic tiles. These tiles are equipped with antimicrobial protection and prevent the growth of mould, bacteria on tiles. Our mosaic tiles are known for their high endurance and ability to withstand daily wear and tear. These tiles are apt for heavy foot traffic areas due to their scratch and stain resistant quality.
  4. Creative scope: Mosaic tiles offer great creative liberty to a renovator. You can use a combination of mosaic tiles to form the desired pattern. You can also use an array of material options such as glass, slate, marble, travertine etc to add more charm to your premise.
  5. Stylish and contemporary: Mosaic tiles give a very chic and trendy look to your premises. They blend effortlessly with your interior decor and enhance its overall appearance. Moreover, mosaic tiles are always in trend, they do not wear out easily. Mosaic tiles optimally reflect the surrounding light and make your premise appear spacious and well lit.

Wide Range Of Mosaic Tiles In Sydney

Cheapestiles have the largest collection of designer mosaic tiles in Sydney. Our tiles are a perfect fit for those looking out for stylish, exclusive and cost-effective tile options.

For mosaic tiles, glass can be an excellent material. Glass mosaic tiles have a unique appearance that can really distinguish your home. Glass mosaic tiles in an office, a corridor or as a feature wall is dramatic and unique.

We are the best place to purchase tiles in all of Australia. Approach us whether you're based in a big city like Brisbane or Melbourne, or a smaller city as Alice Springs. Our excellent customer service is our pride. We help you get the tiles you want. We offer an excellent interface to buy tiles online. We make sure you get what you need, whether purchasing pool tiles or tiles for your kitchen.


Mosaic tiles are durable and attractive – the best of both worlds, really. They can be used as floor tiles for kitchen and bathroom walls, terraces etc. Mosaic tiles can be used for interior decoration too. Add that splash of colour, provide a slice of your own personality, leave a lasting impression – mosaic does it all! We are the finest suppliers of mosaic tiles in Sydney. We bring you a variety of mosaic tiles in various attractive shapes and patterns.

The cost of installing mosaic tiles in Sydney can vary depending upon the size of your room and other variables. Also, the cost may vary depending upon the expertise and experience of the installer. It is recommended to hire a professional for a perfect installation of mosaic tiles.

The size of mosaic tiles is 5/8 inch (15mm), 15/16-inch, 1 inch (1 x 1), 1 x 2 inch and 2 x 2 inch. You can find suitable mosaic tiles in Sydney depending upon where you’d like to lay them. Think about the look you want, and you will be able to find the right choice and design for the area you want them.

Yes, mosaic tiles can be used on floors for bathrooms and kitchens. They are non-slippery and are easy to clean. They are a good choice for kitchen walls and bathroom walls because they add a distinct character to your room. Mosaic tiles are elegant and timeless.

They can be made from a variety of different materials like natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, glass, and even little bits of pebble stones. The best bit about mosaic is that each tile is unique because there are specific practices needed to accurately cut and assemble different patterns. Lots of these tiles are truly unique because they are made from hand. We have styles for timeless, loud and funky, and chic and minimal designs and all of our mosaics are made with high quality materials.

No - in many cases, they are more expensive than normal tiles. But with the right tile provider, you can find cost-effective solutions. At Cheapestiles, we have budget-friendly products to shop in our Sydney showroom or online.

If you want your mosaic tiles to last as long as their timeless designs, it’s important to maintain and take care of the tiles. Mosaic tiles should be cleaned fairly regularly – at the same time as cleaning the rest of your bathroom or kitchen – with a mild detergent and warm water. We recommend avoiding strong cleaning products and abrasive scrubbing brushes, as these may damage the tiles.

Tiling your old bathroom? Or designing a new bathroom? Whatever the case – the colour tile that you choose will have a huge impact on the overall visual aesthetics of your bathroom. Contemporary mosaic tiles come in a variety of colours and patterns, the style that you end up going with will ultimately come down to personal preference. Looking for some tangible advice? If you want a bold, playful, and joyous bathroom, choose mosaic designs with pops of orange, yellow, and pink. Create a space of serenity and calm with mosaic tiles featuring pale blue, greens, and beige.