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Perfect Your Tile Installations


Grout is an essential component of any tile installation. It's not just about filling the gaps; it's about adding that final touch of finesse to your tiled surface. At Cheapestiles, we offer a variety of grout options to ensure your tiles are securely in place and visually appealing.

Explore our range of grout solutions, and discover the perfect one for your tiling projects.

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Preserve and Shine

Sealer & Cleaner

Keep your tiles looking pristine with our selection of sealers and cleaners. Whether you want to protect the natural beauty of your stone tiles or ensure that your porcelain tiles sparkle, we have the right products for you.

Discover our range of sealers and cleaners and let your tiles shine.

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The Unsung Hero

Floor Waste

Floor wastes are the unsung heroes of any well-designed space. They ensure that water flows away without causing damage, maintaining the integrity of your tiling. Cheapestiles offers a range of floor waste options to keep your floors dry and damage-free.

Explore our floor waste solutions and find the perfect fit for your project.

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The Perfect Finish

Aluminium Trim

The right trim can make all the difference in your tiling project. Our selection of aluminium trim is designed to add that finishing touch, both functional and aesthetic, to your spaces.

Browse our range of aluminium trim and elevate your tiling project to the next level.

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Blend Style and Functionality

Skimmer Lids

Skimmer lids may be utilitarian, but that doesn't mean they can't look good. Cheapestiles offers skimmer lids that not only serve their purpose but also seamlessly integrate into your design.

Discover our range of skimmer lids and ensure your pool area is a perfect blend of style and functionality.

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The Foundation of a Perfect Tile Installation

Tile Adhesive & Primer

Every beautiful tile installation begins with the right adhesive and primer. Cheapestiles provides high-quality options to ensure your tiles adhere securely and remain in top condition.

Explore our tile adhesive and primer solutions and lay the foundation for your tiling success.

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Precision in Every Tile

Tile Spacers

Precision matters when it comes to tile installations. Our range of tile spacers ensures that your tiles are perfectly aligned, resulting in a polished, professional finish.

Browse our tile spacer options and achieve precision in every tile.

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