Subway Tiles

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Wonderful Wall Tiles For Your Bathroom & Kitchen

With our vast experience, we are renowned for our exceptional ceramic tile service throughout Australia. We excel in the design and supply of fit-for-use ceramic tiles which offer a huge amount of benefits for building owners and occupants in Sydney and nearby suburbs.

Our firm is a leading provider of technical assistance and architectural examples to architects and interior designers across Australia. We deal closely with our clients as well as with builders and project managers.

· Subway Tiles

Our subway tiles give a grand and commendable look to your premises. Subway bathroom tiles are a great choice to give an elegant gaze. Make use of our subway tiles on your walls to make it a visible treat. Subway tiles splashback allows you to quickly create an interesting look.

· Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles are an important aspect of any bathroom interior or renovation. Make your bathrooms look wide and tall with our white ceramic tiles. Wall tiles are like a canvas, helping you create a theme or backdrop to highlight your other accessories. White subway tiles can create an astonishing look for your bathrooms.

· Kitchen Tiles

Kitchens are always stuffed with cupboards, drawers, and all kitchen utensils and gadgets. You can create a sense of oneness in the kitchen with our kitchen tiles, creating an air of clean organistion and understated elegance. Our kitchen tiles are specially designed for their easy maintenance. Our ceramic tiles are strong and do not fade over the years. Our white kitchen tiles come in different shapes and sizes.

· Herringbone tile

Make a style statement with a herringbone tile splashback in your kitchen, bathroom, or any wall. Herringbone tiles are very much in fashion, creating diagonally linear patterns with dark grout colors that makes the tile pop and accentuates the unique lines that appear in Herringbone patterns. Herringbone tiles also make exciting floor that makes the area feel more spacious.

We offer you a wide array of bathroom wall white tiles at discount prices at our Tile Factory Outlet in Sydney. These include porcelain, natural stones, mosaics for the kitchen and travertine tiles and pavers. We sell all our products at low margin volumes at discount prices all year round.

Our experienced team offers you the perfect solution for your projects. Our team has product knowledge, technical information, colour consultation, layout and fixing consultancy.

What sets Cheapestiles apart?

Expert engineering

Our tiles are designed by the experts keeping in mind the climate, use, etc. We design the tiles for residential, commercial, industrial projects as well as kitchen, bathroom, facades and laundries, restaurants, and pubs.

Sizes and shapes

No matter what size you are looking for we have ample sizes and shapes to create the designs you want. The standard shapes are always available, but we can also customise the sizes of our tiles to suit our customers’ demands.

Variety is our identity

Looking for plain or printed designs? Get your desired finish with our amazing collection. The incredible colors, matt or glossy finish or rough surface tiles you select will go along well with your interiors, to make your dream house the talk of the town.

Heritage look

Get an old and rustic look with our heritage look collection that makes the place look more antique and traditional. The glossy finishes in our light coloured tiles of this collection bring a fresh modern twist to these vintage fashions.

Reasonable costing

We manufacture tiles with the local industries. We use age-old techniques with a modern touch and local skill that results in the precious collection at never before prices. We also offer discounts to our valued customers, making your budget flexible.

Custom made

There is a hidden interior designer in everyone and to satisfy your passion we also customise the designs, shape, and size of the tiles to help you achieve the unique vision you have for your home.

Quality assured

Quality is guaranteed at Experience make us the leading manufacturer of a variety of tiles. It does not develop cracks as cheap and low-quality tiles do. Beware of the copies of, Sydney. Always buy from the authorised dealers, place your order with us.


Apart from the low cost, we also offer discounts on our range of tiles making the costs more pocket friendly. If you are planning a renovation, whether big or small, you can now go for the best quality for your house or office.

Environment friendly

Natural clays are used to manufacture the tiles behind, Sydney. Baking in gas ovens makes the tiles strong and sturdy, keeping your surroundings clean and healthy.

We provide slip resistant tiles and accessories from leading manufacturers. These products comply with Australian standards and are superior in many ways. Contact our sales team who can meet all your commercial and industrial needs

We have the honour of experiencing a great deal of change and growth in the industry. We are proud to be a strong independent beacon of style and quality under the leadership of our management. We’re pleased to invite you to explore our range of products and services online.


Wall is the most common use for these tiles. Ceramic tiles are elegant and timeless. They are perfect for kitchen walls and bathrooms walls. Ceramic tiles in Sydney are widely used and very popular in all sorts of homes.

No ceramic tiles are the most affordable tiles. They are stylish, trendy and are most commonly used wall tiles. A ceramic tile is popular for its endurance, easy maintenance and health benefits. Ceramic tiles are stylish and chic too.

Ceramic tiles are most commonly used for tiling walls. They are not highly porous and therefore they can act as a weather shield and increase the strength of your walls. These tiles are very easy to clean and are available in several designs and patterns. Ceramic tiles are ideal wall tiles.

There is no thumb rule as concerned to wall tiles. Floor tiles can also be used for wall tiles. Depending upon the characteristics of the tiles and as long as the particular floor tiles are not too heavy.

They are classy, durable, stylish, fits well, less porous, easy to maintain and moisture resistant as well. They are a good choice for people who suffer from dust-related allergies. Dust does not accumulate in ceramic tiles.

The price of ceramic tiles ranges between $20 to $ 50. This price may vary depending upon the size, shape, pattern, colour and style of the tiles. We offer ceramic tiles in Sydney at the most competitive rates.