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We are the leading suppliers of outdoor tiles in Sydney and we are known for our expertise and huge range of fabulous outdoor tiles. If you are unsure how to pave your outdoor areas, reach out to us for our assistance.

We have vast experience in supplying high-quality products. We offer the tiles, tips and tricks to decorate your outdoors areas with your sense of style. All of our products are available at discounted prices in Sydney.

Here are a few tips for the optimum use of the tiles:

  • Think first about what style you want when designing your outdoor area. For example, are you wanting to emulate a marine feeling, a European coffee terrace?
  • Depending on the look you are going for, you will need guidance on the types of tiles and whether they will work in your location.
  • Stacking stone is a very popular choice for outdoor tiles. Composed of natural stone pieces, they are suitable for all environments.
  • A good rule of thumb: shine in dark areas and shade brightly lit areas with darker tiles with light coloured tiling. The opposite of this rule makes a dim area darker and lighter.

We help you in planning the right colour for your tiles. We can match your home colours and styles, as well as outdoor features and furniture.

We offer many options for you, thus check out our selection of premium outdoor tiles at the lowest prices available to you.


Porcelain tiles are best for outdoor patios. They are non-slippery and durable too. They are elegant, attractive and sturdy. We have the widest range of outdoor tiles in Sydney. All our products are quality checked by our experts. We strive to maintain the quality of our products.

The common thickness of outdoor tiles is 8mm to 10 mm, however, this may vary according to the design, pattern and style of the outdoor tiles. Outdoor tiles should be vibrant, chic, stylish and must add more value to your patios.

Yes, porcelain tiles can also be used outdoors. Porcelain tiles are durable, cost-effective and come in various shapes, size and designs. They are a good choice for your outdoor patios. Contact us now to browse through our exclusive range of outdoor tiles in Sydney.

There is no visible difference between indoor and outdoor tiles. They may vary in terms of texture, size, shape and designs. An outdoor tile can also be used for indoor if treated optimally. An outdoor tile should be non-slippery and water-resistant.