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Order The Mosaic Pool Tiles From Sale!

Are you looking for quality pool tiles in Sydney? Don’t look any further because we offer pool tiles of European quality which are perfect for Australian pools. We offer a wide range of tiles such as glass look mosaic tile and pool tile for sale. We have developed this expertise through consultations with leading manufacturers and specialist suppliers. Our strong features are:

Wide range

You name it, we have it. Our collection is wide and selective, to give you the best choice. The swimming pool mosaic tiles, glass mosaic tiles, and a variety of shades in the tile colors give you an abundant selection. We have two types of collection for use with pools:

  • Surrounding outdoor swimming pool tiles
  • Interior swimming pool tiles

Unique design

The brilliance of craftsman and technology in our tiles are our success mantra. We create our designs through consultation with the experts in the industry, which is how we have created so many unique designs that are highly sought.

Wholesale price

Swimming pool tiles are a costly affair and need to be budgeted appropriately. We not only give you a wholesale price but also offer a sale on our collection making your budget flexible. We have different varieties with varying price ranges.


Enjoy the aqua blue water reflecting sunshine or cool moonlight without fear. We take care of your interior and exterior area of the swimming pool making it safest for your family and friends.

Specialized in Pool Tiles

Our luxurious collection of pool tiles can really showcase your lifestyle. We have become proficient in designing world-class designer mosaic tiles to make your pool look grand.

License supplier

We follow all the required procedures to make your buying experience an enjoyable one. We are the well-known licensed supplier of swimming pool tiles in Sydney assuring you best quality always.

Make a style statement with cheapestiles.com.au in Sydney. Our world-class designs and low-cost tiles will bring a smile to your face.

Why cheapestiles.com.au?

  • Online selection and shopping
  • Get a free sample before making a final selection
  • Fast delivery
  • Quick response by dedicated customer care
  • Wholesale price and discounts throughout the year
  • Get wide varieties fitting in your budget

How To Select The Best Pool Tiles?

Safety is priority

Prevention of slipping is a must in any wet zone area. The pool area is always wet and therefore may become slippery. So, your new pool tile should be slip-proof. Tiles also must prevent developing algae.

Lifetime guarantee

Color fading and the tiles breaking is possible in low-quality pool tiles. The pool tile is a costly affair, and no one likes to go for it again. Select high-quality tiles with an enduring lifespan.

Selection of design

Follow the theme of your home when selecting tiles to bring a sense of oneness in the whole atmosphere. We offer pool tiles with designs in simple mosaic tiles and glass mosaic tiles, so that you can select as per your given aesthetic.

Color selection

Commonly blue and white tiles are preferred as they reflect more light and distort the color of the tile in deep water. The blue and white colors tile makes the pool look uplifting. While a dark color may make it hard to gander the proper depth through the pool.

Mosaic in style

Mosaic pool tiles allow designers to create designs that make the pool look astonishingly beautiful, with glass, ceramic, or porcelain mosaic tiles.

Cheapestiles.com.au is a leading pool tiles seller in Sydney, Australia. The above criteria is a checklist that we use to fulfill the requirements of our patrons, every time. We supply tiles that match all Australian standards and suit your budget.

We provide the best results for enhanced beauty and offer a unique range of glass mosaic tiles, tested and designed for the Australian pool market. Our tiles are exceptionally suited for contemporary pools and their environment.

Our tiles have a colour scheme designed with Australian pools in mind. Our tiles extend from green and blue to black and white. Their patina, their shimmer and they sparkle underwater and above the water. Our pool tiles offer silky softness, unequalled durability and a unique appearance. Our tiles certainly give your investment a premium finish. They are also the easiest of all pool areas to maintain, and this will make your home and pool ever more valuable.

We provide excellent quality for low-price silky-smooth feel and excellent tactile quality of tiles. We offer a broad range of contemporary colours to choose from. Our tiles are resistant to deterioration from the major attackers in pool environments – chlorine, bromine, acid, saline water, ozone, and algae.

If you have questions in mind or need samples, visit our contact page and fill out your details.


The pool tiles may cost you around $ 50 to $ 100 per square meter. You can opt for glass tiles or mosaic tiles for your pool. Cheapestiles offers an extensive range of designer and affordable pool tiles in Sydney. Visit us to know more!

Pool tiles are best for swimming pool as they are cost-effective, durable, sturdy and non-slippery too. You can also choose glass tiles for a swimming pool to give it a modern and contemporary look. Visit us now to view our latest range of pool tiles in Sydney.

Yes, you can style your pool as per your taste and preference. Our pool tiles help you style your pool in the most optimum way.

Blue is the most popular colour for the swimming pool tile. It gives a perfect look of the swimming pool and creates an illusion of crystal-clear water. We are famous for our variety of blue pool tiles in Sydney. Pool tiles are also available in other colours including White, Green, Grey and Black.