The Colour of Grout

Ardex FG8 Grout 5KG / 20KG (Code:00694)

Grout and Wall tiles Sydney

The appearance of a tiled wall will largely be determined by two factors – the appearance of the tiles themselves, and the grout used between the tiles. The grout colour should be chosen to complement the tiles design. And the tile / grout combination should suit the room décor.

Decide on the tile design first. There is a huge range of options, from solid to printed patterns, porcelain materials, ceramic or stone. The size of the tiles is a factor too. Combinations of different tiles can be used to create a mosaic picture or pattern.

Grout with Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles Sydney

Decide if you prefer the grout to blend in or stand out from the tiles. If you want it to blend in there are two general options. Either choose a grout colour that is similar to the tile colour, of simply use a neutral white / grey grout which will stay in the background.

If you prefer the grout to stand out from the tiles then go with a grout colour that contrasts with the tile. This tends to work better with neutral looking tiles or tiles with simple geometric patterns.

Strong grout colours will make the tile pattern stand out.


  • White tiles with a coloured grout, so the walls have a square tile pattern
  • Light Coloured tiles with darker grout of the same colour.
  • Light tiles with a monochrome colour pattern, and grout with the same colour as that tile pattern.
  • Dark tiles with white grout.
  • Bright Multi-coloured tiles with white grout.


  • Lighter coloured grouts tend to shoe the dirt more than darker colours.
  • The grout will change colour as it dries – it tends to lighten.
  • The grout will have to be mixed evenly for the colour to be consistent.
  • Sealers may alter the colour of the grout. Some sealers will darken the grout slightly. This effect may be temporary, with the sealer becoming clear as it dries.

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