Drilling holes in Stone, Brick and Tile

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Bathrooms usually have a few fittings on the wall –towels racks, hooks, shelves, cabinets and some shower fittings …etc. These fittings often require a hole to be drilled through a tile or ceramic wall. In other circumstances, on plaster or wooden walls, drilling a hole is an easy matter. But ceramic tiles, stone or brick require some different tools and different techniques.

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Unlike drywall plaster or wood you simply drill a hole through a tile. It is all too easy for the drill to crack the tiles. And if you try to put a screw into a tile it will not be able to hold anything secure.

  • You need a tungsten carbide tipped drill bit for drilling into tiles. A regular drill bit (for wood or steel) will simply not work.
  • If you drill into brick or stone, especially with a larger drill bit (10mm or larger) you will require a hammer drill to provide sufficient force.

A hammer drill is not appropriate for tiles, so do not use this function.

  • Drills will tend to slip on the shiny tile surface. Use masking tape to mark the spot where you will drill. Make an ‘X’ shape with the tape and mark the exact spot with a pen.
  • A screw will not bite into a tile or any hole you make in a tile. You will need to use a screw anchor.

For drilling into tiles

  1. Mark the spot you want to drill with masking tape.
  2. Drill a hole with a masonry bit (tungsten carbide). The hole should be the same size as the screw anchor.
  3. Use moderate pressure when starting to drill. You can increase pressure as you go through.
  4. If there is drywall behind the tiles then use a masonry bit for the tiles, and a regular drill bit for the drywall.
  5. Push the anchor into the hole till it is flush with the tile surface. If necessary, gently use a soft hammer.
  6. You can now screw into the anchor and mount your furnishing.



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