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The bathroom; a hygienic, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing place where you can relax and unwind the tile shop near you in Melbourne. It’s also a room that your guests will most likely be using, so don’t underestimate the importance of finding the right bathroom fittings for your space. Bathrooms are incomplete without tiles. At Cheapestiles, our approach towards tiles is a cut above the rest.

  • Aesthetically designed
  • Soothing feel
  • Safety 
  • Style statement
  • Simple and elegant
  • Waterproofing
  • Hygienic and Easy to Clean
Kitchen Wall Tiles - Dark Grey rectangle look

Wall Tiles

Bathroom tile - white subway splashback

Bathroom Tiles

Pool tiles - cement look

Pool Tiles

Why We’re Melbourne’s Best Tile Retailer

Wide range:

Looking for ‘tile shop near me‘? Visit our Online showroom or have a look in our showroom for an array of bathroom tiles designs in Melbourne. We keep ourselves updated with the latest trends in the market and our online store offers you a wonderful choice. Every customer can make a selection according to their colour preferences and style. 

Quality Assurance:

The leading suppliers of non-slip tiles and accessories ensure the supply is according to the Australian Standards and are finer in all the ways.

Unique Look:

Our tile collection such as white gloss subway wall tiles, Spanish timber look tiles, and concrete look tiles offers an astronautic and aesthetic appearance to your bathroom. 


Cheapestiles offers a range of bathroom wall and floor tiles at discounted rates, passing along the benefits of bulk buying and selling. Rest assured that our tile quality is never compromised, but we keep the low margin to supply at a low rate. It’s a win-win situation for our valued customers!

What do we offer?

  • Wholesale price

Our customers enjoy our competitive price design, as we sell tiles at wholesale rates in Melbourne, Australia. These cheap interior and outdoor tiles help make your budget flexible by allowing you to attain deluxe tiles or spend more on other improvements around your house.

  • Discounted price also offers discounts on a variety of designs. Our discounts allow you to buy lavish cheap tiles for your home. People will wonder how the renovations were performed on a limited budget. You can make your style statement through modest means and show off your stunning house with a renovation that doesn’t break the bank.

  • Tile clearance

Our tile clearance sale in Melbourne is a delight for our customers, making it often a great time to look into tiling different parts of the house. In our clearance sale, people get to choose from a wide range of tiles from our fashionable collection for their bathroom, kitchen, lobby, laundry, floor and outdoor tiles.

Our range of Tiles in Melbourne includes:

Porcelain tiles

Our high-quality porcelain tiles are a fantastic option for floor and wall tiles in wet areas, as their porosity and slip resistance are well-balanced.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone has textures that make it the perfect option for bathroom floors. Although, these decorative tiles must be sealed to prevent water absorption.

Mosaic Tiles

The Cheapestiles variety of mosaic tiles is one of the most popular collections that pairs well with almost any bathroom – the presence of more grout lines makes it an ideal option for floor tiles.

Subway bathroom tiles

Make your bathroom look elegant with our exclusive bathroom tiles collection.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are very durable as well as easy to clean and maintain. They are an ideal pick when it comes to flooring.

White bathroom tiles

White tiles reflect more light and make your bathroom look wider. Select the best designs and textures from our white bathroom tile collection.

Herringbone tile

Herringbone bathroom tiles create a creative look in your bathrooms. Make your bathroom a canvas for your inner artist with your herringbone designs.

Why choose us?

Shopping with Cheapestiles comes with many benefits:

  •   Local skill

Local skill is used to manufacture our designer collection that reflects local culture and aesthetically rich art. Offering not just jobs for our countrymen but also reduces the cost of production.

  •    Next level technology

We adopt the latest technology in the process of production; it ensures superior, high-quality tiles and less wastage. The large-scale production makes the cost of the tiles reasonable. And we transfer this benefit to our valued customers.

  •     Sustainable development

Natural clay is used to make the tiles behind in Melbourne. They are are baked in a kiln to make it tough as stone and near unbreakable.  We follow environment-friendly procedures to fulfill our duty towards nature. The natural materials we use brings down the costs making the tiles cheap and affordable.

  •     Large quantities one of the leading suppliers of tiles in Melbourne, with large scale production and supplies across Australia. Large quantities bring down the cost of production and we transfer this benefit to our cherished customers. 

Bathroom Tiles is often a one-time investment, as people don’t change it frequently due to the cost involved. The furniture or appliances can be easily replaced but tiles need careful selection and installation. We have tiles for every budget and in every design to help you make your dream home. offers tiles in a range of colours and designs to suit your style statement in Melbourne.