Elevate Your Bathroom And Outdoors With Stylish Tiles in Canberra: Cheapestiles

Cheapestiles are the leading tiles suppliers throughout Australia. Now you can shop from our wide range of tiles at an affordable price in Canberra. We offer you all kinds of tiles solutions at Canberra, Australia. 

Cheapestiles range includes:

Bathroom tiles with subway and porcelain

Bathroom Tiles

wall tile dark or grey and modern look commercial shop with tile wall and floor

Wall Tiles

Lounge tiles concrete look

Lounge Tiles

Bathrooms enhance tranquillity and promote a relaxing mood. That’s why you must invest in good quality tiles for your bathroom walls and floors. Our tile suppliers are experienced personnel who guide you at every stage from the planning and cutting up to the installation of tiles. Cheapestiles’ bathroom wall slabs are stain-free and easy to clean. Our wide array of bathroom tiles makes us the number one tile suppliers and sellers in Canberra, Australia.

Cheapestiles offers top-quality bathroom tiles in Canberra for walls and floors, designed to prevent accidents in wet and damp areas with their slip-resistant properties. Our flooring products  meet all Australian safety standards while maintaining superior quality. We provide affordable bathroom tiling solutions that can fit any budget, with discounts available year-round. Our outdoor tiles are not only safe and functional but also highly aesthetic and easy to install. 

We offer flexible bathroom tile solutions that can be customised to fit any budget, with discounted prices available year-round. Our bathroom designs combine architectural elegance with ease of installation and use. Cheapestiles stands out as Canberra’s premier provider of exquisite tiling solutions.

Floor Tiles

Foot traffic is one of the most major concerns for your floor tiles, but there’s no need to worry with Cheapestiles. Our floor slabs in Canberra come in a multitude of designs — any of which make a great choice for creating an authentic vintage look in your home. Our thick tiles prevent breakage and cracking, ensuring that your floor can withstand heavy traffic and weathering.

Kitchen Tiles

Enjoy a stain-free environment with Cheapestiles. Our engineered marvel kitchen tiles are low maintenance and never fade. These designs are inspired by modern and traditional kitchens to make your kitchen a conceited place.

Outdoor Tiles

Our large stylish porcelain, mosaic, natural stone, and slate tiles are the all-time favourite collection for outdoor tiles in Canberra. Special coating makes these slip-proof. The rough textures will also give your feet the acupressure therapy that makes you feel relaxed and calm. The sturdiness bears all the impact of jolt generated by foot traffic and any atmosphere.

Why Cheapestiles Is Perfect for Tiles In Canberra?

  • Highly technically engineered tiles
  • Superior quality tiles at a cheap price
  • Wide variety of designer tiles
  • Prompt customer service
  • Free consultation and guidance while selecting tiles
  • Welcoming customer care
  • Discounted wholesale price
  • Environment-friendly production
  • Strong and enduring tile material

How to select tiles for wet and heavy traffic areas?

Porosity of tiles

The ability of the material to absorb water in a ceramic tile or a porcelain tile is its porosity. Check the rating that measures the porosity of the tile. The categorisations for the porosity of tile are:

  • Impervious (least absorbent),
  • Vitreous, semi-vitreous and
  • Non-vitreous (most absorbent).

Porous outdoor tiles are not suitable in extreme climates where the temperature is freezing.

Varieties of tiles

Porcelain, mosaic, and natural stones tiles are best suited for wet room floors and heavy traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Meanwhile, ceramic ones are a good choice for walls — but not so much for floors.

Natural Stone tiles are an excellent choice for your bathroom and outdoor areas because of their natural structure and appearance — however, they must be sealed before you install them to ensure that they don’t absorb water or stains.

Mosaic ones are ideal for walls and wet areas; the greater number of grout lines helps to make them safer and more slip-resistant — perfect for areas that get wet often like the bathroom.

Slip Rating:

To make your tile shopping most efficacious you should know the aspects that need to be considered before buying. While checking the bathroom, kitchen tiles, or outdoor areas tiles, check the slip rating to ensure the optimum safety for your family members.

Tile Thickness:

The heavy traffic can bring a toll on the tiles and may develop cracks. Heavy traffic areas such as bathrooms must have 10mm thickness, as 6mm tiles do not have sufficient strengths to hold this traffic.

Cheapestiles provides the best tiles in Canberra to all your tilling issues. We have set a benchmark through supplying the best bathroom and outdoor tiles in Canberra, fulfilling our customers’ requirements.

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