Ceramic Tiles

A good midrange options. These are quite cheap and durable enough for walls, benches and furnishings. They are not really designed for floors; heavy traffic will cause wear. But they are okay for small ensuites or perhaps walk in cupboards.

Ceramic tiles are glazed, which allows them to have any number of vibrant colours.

Concrete Tiles

These are a very old style of handmade tile. They have remained moderately popular for centuries, being used for outdoor surfaces, as well as some indoor kitchens and laundries.

The natural pigments of concrete tiles are very earthy in colour. This is part of the tiles structure, which remains even as the surface might be damaged. Their initial chalky appearance wears away to give a natural silky patina.

Porcelain Tiles

The classic type of tile. These consist of a solid colour tile that is polished on the surface. They retain their colour even when damaged.

High shine and water resistant these tiles are idea for uniform décor or complex patterns. They are amid the most durable and hard wearing of tiles, suitable for high traffic areas.

Modern porcelain can also imitate the look of stone or timber.

Glass Tiles

These are very popular for mosaics and complex patterns. They are a little too slippery for most flooring applications, but with some additional grout treatments they are fine for showers and some other situations.

Clearance Tiles Sydney

Cheap tiles need not mean any reduction in quality. Mass production and modern manufacturing techniques means excellent quality tiles can be produce at fairly low prices.

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