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Timber tiles look like wooden tiles. Their design and texture are like wooden floors. However, they are less expensive than wooden floorboards or floating floors. Timber tiles are affordable and give a character to your house. They match perfectly with all kinds of interiors. We have the widest range of timber tiles in Sydney.

No, timber look tile is affordable as compared to wood flooring options. They are easy to install and maintain as well.

  1. They are more resistant
  2. Does not wear off easily
  3. Reasonably priced
  4. Designer looks
  5. Stylish
  6. Increases the value of your property

Yes, we grout timber tiles to achieve the desired wooden look. Without the grout, these are unable to adjust to minuscule movements in the subfloor and you'll end up with breakage, lippage, and an uneven surface, therefore, it is essential to grout timber tiles.

Timber look tiles are just that – tiles that look like real timber. They are generally made from porcelain, with a finish that looks like the real thing – (real wood!). These tiles are carefully designed and made to mimic the natural grain of wood. The design is added to the tile before a layer of glaze for protection.

The best bit about wood look tiles for flooring is that you get all of the aesthetic benefits of timber floor boards, with the added benefit of the durability and ease of maintenance of tiles! Maintaining tiles that look like timber is as simple as:

  • Sweeping up or vacuuming any dirt and dust
  • Mopping the surface with a gentle cleaner and a soft, damp cloth or mop
  • Avoiding harsh and abrasive cleaning products to prevent scratching
  • Avoid dragging heavy furniture or appliances across the tiles

You bet! Timber look tiles are actually ideal for exterior and wet areas because they are more resistant to water and moisture than real timber. Lucky you – your tiles won’t warp, rot, or become mouldy like wood often can – so they are perfect for humid areas and outside spaces!

Yes – the best benefit of our timber look tiles is that they look just like the real thing. Not only that, but they are more durable and will last longer than traditional timber flooring. Especially for areas prone to heavy foot traffic or lots of moisture (think kitchen, bathroom areas), these tiles are going to withstand these elements for longer. Timber look tiles will also be:

Scratch resistant: These are less prone to scratching, denting, or chipping than real wood, which can usually be damaged by sharp objects or heavy furniture.

Moisture resistant: unlike real timber, tiles won’t warp, rot, or become mouldy when exposed to damp conditions.

Low maintenance: These are (undoubtedly!) the easy of the two when it comes to maintenance. Wood flooring will require regular waxing, polishing, or refinishing, where tiles just need to be kept clean to retain their appearance.

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