Ordering Sample Tiles is essential when you need,

  1. To assess visually: Sample tiles allow you to see and examine the actual colours in person. This visual inspection is crucial as colours may vary on computer screens and actual tile sample.
  2. To feel the texture: By touching and feeling the sample tiles, you can gauge their texture and determine if they align with your preferences and requirements.
  3. To see the compatibility: It enables you to check if the tile design and colour harmonize with your existing interior, furnishings, or architectural elements.
  4. To check under your lighting condition: Sample tiles provide an opportunity to observe how they appear under different lighting conditions, ensuring they are not too dark or light under your lighting condition.
  5. To make a decision: Having physical samples at hand aids in making an informed and confident decision when selecting the most suitable tiles for your project.

What you need to know about Tile Sample

  • 3 tile samples (except for large slabs) are posted Australia-wide at $13.50
  • Sample tile size is 100x100mm.
  • Please refer to the entire pattern from the online product photo as the cut sample has only a small part of the big size tile.
  • Please note there may have colour, texture variation between the sample and final product due to the batch difference.

Ordering Sample Tiles by filling up the enquiry form or following the Order Tile Sample Button below

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