What is Rectified Tiles?

the different between Rectified Tiles and non-rectified tile

Rectified tile is called for ceramic or porcelain tiles with rectified/straight edges all around. After tiles are fired in the kiln, there is a process of cutting and this process makes the edges straight as well as precise sizes. This rectification process will achieve uniform sizes and shapes.

These days, most of tiles are made in rectified tiles except small various sizes of ceramic subway tiles or 450x450mm porcelain tiles.

Is rectified tile better?

Best thing about rectified tile is the grout line thickness. Due to the uniform sizes and shapes, it is possible to install with narrow grout gap. This will achieve not only seamless modern look but also minimise grouted area getting dirt so that easy to maintain.

Installation of rectified tile

Straight edges and narrow grout lines requires precision in tile installation. It is a good idea to use tile spacer and levelling system to ensure the grout lines are the same and straight while the surface is even and flush against each other.

When the tiling is finished with bare edges, tile trim is also recommended to protect the brittle edges from physical impact.

Is rectified tile more expensive?

The answer is no. Although there is extra process of cutting, rectified edge does not mean it is always expensive. As the demands for rectified tiles are growing, manufacturers are making rectified tiles more and the variety and the quantity of non-rectified tiles are decreasing.

Rectified tile size and shape

Rectified tiles are available in various sizes and shapes. Typically, 600x1200mm is cut into 600×600, 300×600 and 300×300. Please note there is 1-2mm of loss every time the tile is cut to the next size down so the final size of 300x300mm is not exactly 300x300mm. It will be somewhere between 297mm and 299mm although the manufacturers and tile stores specify the size as 300x300mm.

Advanced cutting technology can make rectified tiles in all different unusual sizes including traditional hexagon, herringbone or chevron shapes.

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