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Cheapestiles is a renowned supplier of stylish and supreme quality tiles in Newcastle, Australia. We deliver our large and exclusive range of products all across Australia. The speciality of our company’s tiles is tied to our brand name — we offer a premier variety of tiles at cheap rates. Choose the tiles you need to be delivered to you in the Newcastle area, and you’ll receive high-quality, affordable materials for your home or business.

Concept of choosing the right tiles:

The art of selecting the right slabs and accessories is vital when ordering materials for renovation, construction, or installation. Most people choose tiles based on aesthetic features like colour, texture, and pattern. But if you don’t prioritise functionality, you may face difficulties using incorrect tiles on unsuitable surfaces. But not to worry — our expert will guide you in finding the most suitable tiles at low prices. Get the right tiles for the right job with Cheapestiles.

Our selection of tiles in Newcastle:

Cheapestiles is the best supplier for your next tiling project in Newcastle, NSW. We offer a variety of cheap tiles in Newcastle you can use to furnish your home, from terracotta to natural stone. Our products transform a plain room into one you had never even imagined. Our team of tile professionals can recommend you the most appropriate tiles and accessories for the rooms you have in mind. Some of our most popular products include:

Using the right tiles in the right place:

All tiles are the same at the first look, but there is some notable difference which only an expert can understand. Our Cheapestiles professionals will recommend particular tiles for the different locations you may have in mind. Such as-

  • Bathroom tiles:

The bathroom is where you can refresh your mind and body, so making it easy on the eyes with the best tiles and suitable accessories is essential. There are two types: floor tiles and wall tiles. Floor tiles should have slip resistance to avoid hazards, while wall tiles should be easy to clean. Our specialists assist you in identifying which has the best water absorption and resistance.

  • Kitchen tiles:

Floor and wall tiles for your kitchen will get dirty often, so choose tiles that are easy to clean. Cheapestiles stocks a vast collection of kitchen floor slabs at a very competitive price. Our porcelain, ceramic, and stone kitchen tiles will enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

  • Lounge Tiles

Lounge room tiles can change the interior look of your house and make you feel more at home. Our vast collection will allow you to select tiles of superior quality, shade and texture that suit your house. Our top-grade robust and matt finish will surely attract the attention of guests and neighbours, alongside many other benefits.

  • Outdoor tiles:

If you are thinking of outdoor slabs for your garden, balcony, or commercial space, it will be our pleasure to help you design a beautiful space with non-slip sandstone, porcelain, or travertine tiles. Your outdoor area will be transformed into a striking contemporary exterior. 

For inquiries about product availability, size, or cost, get in touch with our friendly team of tiles experts!

Why should you choose Cheapestiles in Newcastle?

  • Quality Tiles: We provide you with a wide range of quality cheap tiles in Newcastle, NSW. We can deliver in Newcastle and beyond when you browse our tile collection online  and place your order..
  • Tiles at Discounted Rates: Our products are the cheapest in Newcastle. Always ask for our special offers to get the best deals and discounts.
  • Quick Delivery: Tile deliveries will be made within a reasonable time after ordering.

Cheapestiles is the leading tile and tile accessory supplier near you. We are your first and last destination for all your tiling solutions in Newcastle. Shop our range of ceramic, terrazzo, marble, travertine, porcelain, and many more types of tiles. Make the right choice — browse our store now and order the best cheap tiles in Newcastle, NSW, today.

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

Can you help me to choose the right tile products for my next project?

Cheapestiles has years of experience supplying DIY enthusiasts and professional tile installers with the products they need for their projects. Different projects require different tile features; for example — outdoor slabs should be durable and weather-resistant, and kitchen tiles must be easy to clean. But don’t worry. Our extensive range carries a selection for every project. Our team members are here to help you with expertise and friendly service.

I am thinking about wall tiles – how long do they usually last?

Wall tiles are a durable and low-maintenance choice for your interior walls. When you choose high-quality wall tiles for your kitchen, living room, or bathroom, they won’t need to be replaced anytime soon; in fact, usually, they last up to 75 years. Choosing high-quality ones means choosing peace of mind and cost savings in the long run.

Can you help me to install my purchased tiles?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a tile installation service. However, we provide a fast and affordable delivery service for your tiles and related accessories. It’s highly recommended you consult a professional’s help when installing your tiles. Ask our friendly staff members for expert advice if you require assistance installing your tiles. They can help you with general information and recommendations for skilled handyperson services.

For any kind of assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly team at 02 9790 4273 or drop us an email