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Cheapestiles: Your Tiling Partner on the Central Coast, Australia

Cheapestiles is the largest online platform offering the cheapest quality tiles throughout the Central Coast of Australia. Our services are just like our company name suggests; we supply the best quality tiles at the most affordable prices. Cheapestiles imports the highest quality tiles from countries worldwide, like Spain, Italy, and much more. All these tiles can find their Australian home when you buy from Cheapestiles. 

Tiling work can be implemented anywhere in your house, indoors and outdoors. Adding tiles to your home adds a luxurious aesthetic value and is the best way to give a facelift to the entire house at an affordable price. To make your house look its best, choosing the right tiles for the renovating area is essential. 

While choosing the tiles, you must remember:

  • Functionality: choose the tiles according to the room where you wish to use them. As different rooms serve different purposes, the tiles should also be different. For example, in the case of bathrooms, choose tiles that are water-resistant and non-slippery. 
  • Shape and size of the tiles: the shape and size of the tiles chosen can alter how bright and spacious the room feels and add to a particular aesthetic. So, choose wisely!
  • Colour coordination: if you are renovating an area completely, you have far more choices. But if you’re only covering part of an area, you must select tiles that match the theme. For example, if you want to renovate the outdoor area with tiles, you may opt for brick-style tiles to give it a rugged natural finish that matches the exterior walls. 
  • Finishing: consider the finish and feel of your tiles. Polished tiles are almost always used inside, while matt tiles or tumbled natural stone have a rustic look that great for the outdoors. 

Cheapestiles offers the Central Coast a wide range of cheap bathroom tiles, outdoor tiles, and many more to choose from. You name the type of tile you want, and we’ll provide it in the best quality for the best price. 

The variety of tiles available for your projects are:

All the tiles that we provide to the Central Coast are top-notch, but these categories are our bestsellers:

  • Bathroom tiles

Our Central Coast bathroom tiles are concerned with safety, functionality, and aesthetics. We stock many different types of tiles suitable for bathroom floors and walls. Our bathroom floor tiles are slip-resistant and non-porous, which prevents water seepage or stains. The wall tiles are splash-proof and easy to maintain. Our well-trained professionals will guide you in choosing the correct shape, size, colour, and finish of tiles for your dream bathroom.

  • Kitchen tiles

Cheapestiles provides kitchen tiles that are spill-proof and can be easily maintained. Our range of splashback tiles is specially manufactured for kitchens. These are water and stain resistant. The kitchen tiles also come in many sizes and colours, giving your kitchen a unique look. 

  • Outdoor tiles

The outer faces of the house can be elevated with the addition of our range of outdoor tiles. Select from a range of brick-style or concrete-look tiles and jazz up the outside of your house.

  • Lounge tiles

As the living room is the heart of the house, the tiles should also be heart-warming and make you feel at home. Cheapestiles’ lounge tiles come in various designs, from timber look tiles to European-styled tiles – all these can be easily used for the living room. Depending on your preferences, you can also choose for tiles to be given a matte or glossy finish. 

Why think of Cheapestiles as your tiling partner?

  • We provide the best quality tiles at the cheapest possible prices. 
  • We provide free samples with postage.
  • Our delivery is always on time.
  • The experts and professionals at Cheapestiles are always ready to answer all of your tiling queries. 

Cheapestiles is the best provider of Central Coast tiles and accessories, with a wide variety of stunning tiles available for purchase. Don’t miss out — visit our website or our showroom to get access to the best tiles in the Central Coast at cheap and affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts or promotions?

Yes, we do. As our brand name suggests, we offer the cheapest tiles. Our exclusive and extensive range of tiles comes at affordable and discounted prices. Always check our website or talk to our friendly team members about our latest special offers.

Can you deliver the tiles to my home?

Our reliable and secure delivery service is available all over Australia. The delivery costs depend on the size of your order and the delivery location. Once you place your order, a sales team member will contact you to talk details. Cheapestiles will always try to unload your tile products where you want them placed, for example, in your garage or front yard. However, if that is not possible due to safety or potential damage, delivery will be made at the curbside or a safe location at your property.

I want to order online — can you still help me to make the right tile choice?

100%. For a consultation on your next online purchase with Cheapestiles, call our friendly team members in-store or use the online contact form on our website. Our goal is to help you with reliable and expert customer service. Contact us with general information about your next tiling project, including the square meter size, preferred style, and in which space or room you want to use them. Our team will be able to provide you with plenty of suitable options in no time.