Trends for Cheapest Tiles Sydney

Trends for Cheapest Tiles Sydney

Tiles remain one of the oldest and most durable types of flooring, and remain popular for bathroom walls and other parts of the house. Tiles can easily last for decades. Some ancient tiles have even lasted for centuries.

Yet the modern world has tiling materials not available a generation ago. And it sees tile décor trends that prove that there is always something new in an older medium.

Some tends over the last few years:

  • Rustic brick – these tiles imitate the look of bare brickwork. A nice earthy feel.
  • Lush white Moroccan – the old world charm of polished white.
  • Fish Scale shaped tiles – oddly shaped, but they fit together so neatly. A trend is to keep the shape but use two of more colours.
  • White gloss brick. This is simple but appealing; they look and actually are quite practical.
  • Multi-pattern tiles – a set of square tiles, some with checks, some with stripes, some criss-cross, some with diagonal lines.
  • Imitation timber tiles – the look of real grained wood, but the ease of tile cleaning.
  • Splash Colour tiles – Brightly coloured tiles are great for mosaics or random colour patterns.
  • Hexagonal tiles – there is something appealing about this, the geometry of honeycomb. Works well with earth colours and wood grain.
  • Classic Marble – this is simple and elegant. Marble has been popular for classy rooms since ancient times.

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Décor is about creativity. Modern building materials can be produced in large quantites for minimal cost. It is possible to get impressive tiled walls with good looking tiles at minimal cost.sandstone-project-2

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