Tips For Grouting

Grouting for Cheap Tiles Sydney

Grouting, the act of applying the grout between the tiles once they are laid, is the last major step in the tiling process. The only things that follow this are cleaning and perhaps sealing. 

Some tips for good grouting:

  • Use an additive when the grout is going over a wet area. This is usually bought with the tiles and grout and added as the grout is prepared.
  • There is no need to rush into the grouting. It doesn’t hurt to wait until well after the tiles set in place. There will be shifting problems with the tiles if you begin too soon.
  • Make sure the grout has the right consistency. 
  • A good approach for applying the grout is to press the grout diagonally into the lines between the tiles using the float. Avoid using the float in a straight manner parallel to the tiles, for this risks bumping the edge of the tile and applying the grout unevenly.
  • Do not grout the edges of the room where the tiles meet the walls. Use silicon on these edges.
  • Allow the grout to completely dry and clean it.
  • Use a clean, damp sponge to wipe the tiles diagonally when cleaning.

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