Tips From Cheapest Tiles Sydney

Tips From Cheapest Tiles Sydney ; keeping clean the surface

  • Start by selecting the most suitable type of tile for the area. Enquire us about all the suitable options.
  • Make sure any and all grout residue is removed from the tile surface after installation. Grout on the surface of tiles will give a dull finish that attracts dirt and grime.
  • Make sure that any detergent is removed from the tile surface. And detergent or cleaning agent on the tiles will give a sticky surface that attracts grime.
  • Use mats at doorways to keep sand and grit off the floor. This greatly reduces the risk of scratching.
  • Avoid hard shoes on floors, especially if they are glossy floors.
  • Tiles that are well-installed will give far less trouble than tiles with installation faults. 
  • Use coasters or gliders under any furniture to avoid scratches or other damage to the floor.
  • Prevent any situation that drops heavy objects on tiles.
  • Clean tiles on a regular basis.

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