Tac Tiles for Safety

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Most tiling is done for a mixture of practicality and stylish appearance. These tiles can be chosen in many colours and styles to achieve a pleasing décor. An exception to this trend is tiles used for safety reasons.

Tac Tiles

Tac tiles are used for safety reasons. They are a textured ground surface indicator used in areas like train platforms, stairs or traffic crossings. They warn blind or visually impaired individuals of potential hazards.

Tac tiles have a distinctive patterns and colours. The surface of a tac tile has a raised circle pattern, designed to be noticed by blind individuals using a cane. This serves as a warning for the edge or railway platform, a road cross, or other hazardous situation. The distinctive colour of the tiles, Hi-viz yellow, silver, grey, blue or green helps to warn individuals with very limited vision.

Clearance Tiles Sydney

Tac tiles, required by safety reasons, are available at very low prices. Some of colours may not be legally compliant for some situations, but they are useful where businesses intend to install indicating tiles for the vision impaired.


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