Straight Edges

Cutting Bathroom Tiles Sydney

Many tiling jobs are reasonably good DIY projects. With some basic skills and research the average home handyperson can install some decent quality tilework. However, things become difficult if the tiles don’t fit exactly into the available space, and need to be cut. Cutting tiles is rather tricky

Wall and Kitchen Tiles Sydney

Wall tiles occasionally need to be cut. The tiles in kitchens and bathroom usually only cover part of the walls surface, so there is no need to cut a row of tiles at the edge of the surface. But sometimes a few tiles need to be cut where a tiled surface reaches a corner. 

It is best to start tiling in a corner and move outward. This reduces the need for cutting tiles to fit.

Cutting Floor Tiles Sydney

Sometimes a row of tiles need to be cut for the tiled floor to fit into the available floor space. This is probably one of the most difficult parts of the tiling project. But if the tile is to be cut with a straight edge then there are some reliable methods for cutting.

Snapping a Tile

One method is to use a glass cutter to score a line across the top of a tile, then positioning the tile over a coat hanger and snapping it along that line.

This method occasionally breaks tiles at the wrong point.

Standard Saw

It is possible to saw through a tile with a saw that works for masonry. But this is a very slow and difficult method. It is best used when only one of two tiles need to be cut.

Wet Saw

This is specialist piece of hardware specifically designed to cut tiles. It cuts quite quickly, using water to keep prevent the blade from overheating.
A wet saw can be rented from some hardware stores. It is best to do all the tile cutting in one single day.

Measuring Floor Tiles Sydney

When planning a project it is best to minimize the number of tiles that need to be cut. They may be different ways to arrange the tiles on the floor, with some arrangements requiring fewer cut tiles.

At the same time it sometimes looks better if the cut tiles are put in a less obvious position. If the row of cut tiles end up underneath a cupboard, fridge or sink they will remain unseen. If the row of cut tiles ends at the front of a cupboard or other fixture they will seem more natural looking than if they end at a blank wall.

Experiment with tile arrangement to find the most appealing result.

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