Ready Made Grout

Grout for Bathroom Tile Sydney

Grout is used for tile installation. It is the substance used to both fix the tiles to the floor underneath, and to fill the spaces between the individual tiles. Usually grout is made by adding water to a commercially purchased grout powder; sometime an extra additive is combined with the grout for use in wet areas. A sealer might also be applied after the grout is dried to add further water protection. In recent years there has been an alternate possibility for grout.

Ready to go grout is now widely available. This is a paste that is sold in a tube or bucket rather than a powder that requires mixing with water.

The premade grout looks to be as reliable and strong as regular grout. It is more expensive than powdered grout; a packer of dry powdered grout combines with water to make a large amount of wet grout. But the price of premade grout is still moderate, and often far less than the tiles being laid.

For small repairs a tube of premade grout is ideal. Being available in small quantities it saves spending money on grout that is not presently needed.

For a moderate sized DIY project a bucket of grout is probably quite sufficient. 

Kitchen Tiles Sydney

Many kitchens use tiles on floors, and often in other parts of the kitchens that will be exposed to moisture. Premade grout is a good option for small DIY projects in the kitchen.


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