Minimalism Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles

Rooms with tiles often emphasize functionality; bathrooms and kitchens are part of a home for practical reasons. But these rooms can also be made to look stylish, as long as the functionality is not impaired.

Minimalism is a good approach for bathrooms and kitchens, and possibly for other tiled areas. This should interfere with the function of the rooms. Minimalism will just add the right colours and trim to the elements that are already in the room.

Minimalism Bathroom Tiles Sydney

One popular bathroom principle is strong trim around a light colour. This can be achieve with small tiles providing the strong trim, with the walls painted a light colour. Alternately, the main tiles can be a neutral colour with the trim provided by some decorative tiles.

Another popular option is a two colour scheme. The walls can be a bold colour offset by white tiles. Or the walls can be white with vivid colours.

A black and white tile bathroom can be very effective. Few other rooms (perhaps a kitchen) could work with this. Grey and crème also work for bathroom colour designs.

Minimalism Kitchen Tiles Sydney

A tiled kitchen floor will look good with an open design. Plain white tiles by themselves might feel a little too sterile, but given the right trim a white décor can look very smart.

Benchtops can be tiled, or made of natural stone. Woodgrain finish is another good option. The natural pattern of the stone or wood prevent the colours from being too ordinary. This mixes simple colours and open spaces with a slight sense of asymmetry.

Floor Tiles Sydney

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