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Many design trend some and go, but there will always be a popular place for tiles. It might be better to say that design trend always include many tile options along with their other ideas. As some tiles trends go out of fashion several other tile ideas come along to replace them.

Lounge tiles will often give a large room an austere, open atmosphere, especially if they are large tiles. This sense of open space is part of their appeal, working best with plain colours rather than fine details.

Large tiles, especially if light in colour, will make a smaller room look bigger. This is at least partly because the lines between the tiles are so far apart.

Designers rarely deviate from square or rectangular tiles in living areas. Small, unusual tiles tent to be better suited to bathroom and kitchen walls. Large squarish tiles just seem to work best no living space floors.

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A different approach is to use tiles that imitate stone or woodgrain. This may not have the open feel of pain tiles, but it can be rustic and austere at the same time; warm and intimate rather than cool and open.

If you are worried about tiles being cold it is possible to add underfloor heating. Else, add a rug during the cold months of the year. You will be glad of the cool tiles in summer heat.

Furniture on all floors should have coasters or felt pads to prevent scratching. This is necessary on virtually all floors. Even carpeted floors need coasters on furniture to prevent indentations.


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