Door Trim

If you have a tiled bathroom or kitchen there will a doorway where the tiled floor connects to another floor. This joint will require an edge strip at the base of the door. It may also require some silicone water proofing and some solid filler if there is a small gap between the floors.

Joining to the Bathroom Tiles Sydney

The doorway between most rooms will have a metal edge at the base. This covers the joint between the two types of flooring. In most cases the floors of the two adjacent rooms are at the same level, and the floor beneath is timber, so the metal strip can simply be nailed or screwed into place.

Bathrooms, and occasionally kitchens, are different to other rooms. These floors are usually tiled, and the tiled floor will often be at a slightly different height to the floors in the next room. So the metal strip that joins the two floors will have to accommodate this slight change in height.

A further different with bathroom and kitchen floors is the moisture sealing. These tiled floors will get wet, so the edges of the floor must be sealed to prevent water slowly leaking into the floor below where it may cause damage over time.

Joining to Kitchen Tiles Sydney

It is a simple matter to cut a metal joining strip to the right length and nail / screw it into place between two floors, providing there is no gap between the floors. Often there is a gap of a centimetre or two between the tiles and wooden floors. This may need to be filled as the screws / nails cannot hold onto this empty space.

The space between the two floors needs to be filled with something is solid, but which will also accommodate nails or screws. Builders bog is a good option; some wood putties are also good. Some solid fillers in a caulking gun can also work well. Else, a straight strip of wood can be glued into the empty space.

Silicone on its own is not suitable if you need to nail / screw the edge strip into place. There must be sufficient timber flooring or strong filler for the nails or screws to bite into. Silicone can be used to seal the gap against moisture once the filler is dry.

Joining Timber Tiles Sydney

Metal joining strips can be purchased at any hardware store. Some are designed to be lower on one side than the other, to accommodate the fact that the tiles floor is slightly higher than the carpeted floor. Find a strip that is suitable for the situation you have. Make sure the strip is wide enough to cover the space between the floors.

In summary

  • The space between two floors need some solid filler for the nails / screws that hold the metal edge in place
  • Bathroom edges need silicon to seal the edge. Apply this over the solid filler, under the metal edge.
  • The metal edge must be wide enough to cover the narrow space between the two floors.
  • Some metal edges will have a rubber strip down the centre to cover the screws or nails.



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