Cutting Curves in Tiles

Cutting Curves in Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles Sydney

The trickiest part of tile work is having to cut tiles to fit the floor. Perhaps the trickiest types of cut are curved edges. These curves are difficult for at least two reasons. The first is getting the right curve for the tile to fit into place.  The second is actually making the cut.

The Right Cut for Floor Tiles Sydney

It is possible to get a good impression of the curve you need for a tile by using tracing paper, or any other thin paper.

Fit all the uncut tiles into place on the floor, leaving a blank space where the cut tile will go. Then trace around the blank space with a pencil and paper. Remember that there will be grout around the edges of the tile.

Use the tracing paper to make a template on cardboard. Make sure that this cardboard template fits into the blank space on the tiled floor.

Cutting Curves in Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles Sydney

There are a few methods for cutting curves in tiles.

  • Drill holes along the curve, staying on the waste side. Then file between the holes, and file the edge smooth. Use a masonry drill bit for this task.
  • Use a wet saw to cut multiple slots into the curve, like a comb. Then break off the individual pieces, perhaps with a hammer a pair of pliers. Use a file to clean up the curved edge.
  • Some jigsaw cutters have a blade (a diamond blade) that will cut curves. Overheating is a big problem in this situation, so cut slowly and use a water spray to help cool the blade.
  • Cut the tile with a Dremel bit.
  • A nibbling tool can shape tiles, including a curved cut.

Constantly check to see if the curve is progressing correctly.


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