How to remove chewing gum on the tiles?

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Gum is a pest on virtually any floors. It is probably worst on carpet. On tiles floors it can almost always be removed without leaving a trace, if we know a few cleaning tricks.

  • Use a soft scrapper

Scrapping away the Gum is often enough. But don’t use a metal paint scraper as this risks damaging the tile surface. A plastic spatula or an old credit card will usually work well.

  • Freeze it off

An ice cube will freeze the gum and make it easier to scrape off.

  • Heat it up.

A hair drier or heat shrink gun (on the lowest heat setting) will soften gum, which can make it easier to scrape off a hard surface floor.

After scrapping off as much gum as possible you can clean any reside off with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water.

  • Oil

Many oils will soften chewing gum. The oil in peanut butter is one option. This will soften the gum enough to be scrapped off. And unlike most other oils the peanut butter will not flow away from the gum. The residue can be cleaned with the 50/50 vinegar water solution.

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